Monday, June 3, 2013

The Feast

Before the end of our school year, the kids and I discussed what we wanted to do over our summer break.  M1 mentioned that he really wanted to get out his Italian cookbook and make some of the recipes.  When he was poking through it, I noticed a recipe for a rosemary leg of lamb.

"Hey," I told him, "we've already got a leg of lamb in the freezer if you want to use that."

Of course, he did.  And the menu snowballed from there.  Soon it became known in our house as M1's Feast.

After much deliberation (and several grocery store runs), the feast finally happened.  I won't say that he made everything without any help, because I did step in when he asked or clearly needed me to, but he planned and made the vast majority of the meal by himself.  I'm pretty proud of him!

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M2's contribution was to type up and print menus for everyone to have at their place during the meal; she couldn't resist adding a few personal touches after printing, though.  

This is what my boy looked like just before we ate.  Beatific.

You can see how beautifully he arranged all the salads.  He firmly believes in food presentation.  If you look closely at the bowl of tapenade on the table, he'd like that.  He arranged the pita chips around it, too.

The piece de resistance was the leg of lamb and potatoes.  It had finished cooking while we ate our appetizer and salads, and it looked amazing by the time it got to the table.  I did carve it; the idea of doing that was a little too intimidating for our young chef.

Still, he's proud of himself.

Finally, he brought in dessert.  And bowls.

Don't be fooled.  Underneath all that chocolate is a homemade tiramisu.  He and I even whipped everything by hand, and he grated the chocolate himself.  (No, we didn't make the ladyfingers.  I do draw the line somewhere.)

Congratulations on your first feast, my boy.  Very, very well done.

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