Friday, April 1, 2011


I have reached a conclusion.

M1 is going back on ADHD meds as soon as we can get in to our ped's office and get the script.

On Wednesday, we had a 'regular' day of school planned. Most days this means we're done by about 10:30 a.m., 11 at the latest if we chase down random topics and take a few breaks between subjects. On Wednesday, school took till 1 p.m. and even then it was only because I poked and prodded him through the last hour. He's currently throwing an actual kicking, screaming, pounding-the-floor, crying, raging fit about SCIENCE, of all things (his very favorite subject and one he's been looking forward to all day) because I'm "being stubborn."

Yes, son, you still have to write down the results of the experiment. I'm not being unreasonable. Your tantrum, however, IS.

His swim teacher has been telling me for a month or so that he's stopped progressing due to a complete and utter lack of focus. His sleep pattern is better now that he's back on the melatonin, but for a while, he was staying up till 10:30 or later, waking in the middle of the night to mess with M2 or roam the house, then wanting to sleep all day. Proper sleep hasn't helped, though.

He's been off of medication since we brought him home from private school nearly two years ago. I've considered restarting it several times since then but have always talked myself out of it, telling myself that I could make changes in the way I deal with him to work on the issues at hand. It's come to the point now, though, where I *KNOW* I'm doing all I can do and it's far from being enough. His impulse control, focus, and problem-solving skills simply are not there. Caffeine helps, but it's only a short-term stimulant, and neither it nor I can last all day. We both wear out after a while.

I hate the idea of putting him back on medication - I really do. But I also want him to be able to function, and right now, he can't.

Being a mom means doing the stuff we don't want to do for the greater good... right?


Obi-Mom Kenobi said...

Right. You're the mom. You know your kid. You know the situation. Best wishes to you.

Beth said...

Well he's not being his optimal "HIM" either because if you asked him he's probably not happy about not being able to make himself focus either. And honestly, that's when we got to the point was when the girl was miserable with herself. You'll do what you know is best for your not so wee boy!

Mom on the Verge said...

If he had trouble regulating his blood sugar, you'd give him the appropriate medications, right? Same thing. Do what you think is best FOR HIM. :)

Brilliant Creations said...

If you really are struggling with this...the link I sent you the other day on fb can also help with things of this nature. What could it hurt? If nothing else, you'd just be right where you are now, right? I'll let you know how it goes with me.

Anonymous said...

I'm struggling with this, too, Sarah. We can't put our son on Ritalin all day because he has no appetite when it's in his system and he can't fall asleep at night. BUT he has not been able to stay in control during his karate class lately, so we've been giving him a small dose just for that. The first day he took it, he said that maybe he could be president if he took the medication. It about broke my heart.

Do what ya gotta do. Sometimes, even the best coping strategies are no match for brain chemistry.