Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The "other" pets

The cats tend to get the most press around here, probably because they live in the house and there are more of them than anything else except the chickens, and I tend to think of the chickens as a single collective being/hive mind rather than individual entities. Cats are definitely individual entities. I wouldn't even consider the possibility of thinking otherwise.

After all, they know where I sleep.

However, there are other animals here. Particularly talented beasts, they are.

This one can apparently lick the inside of his own nose. I really could have gone my entire life without knowing that. I know where that tongue goes, and I know that it also likes to lick people. *shudder*

Then there are the aforementioned poultry.

M1 has this one trained to jump up and take food from his hand. He's very proud that he's trained a chicken. I haven't the heart to tell him that chickens will do just about anything for food.

Kinda like this guy. He also will do anything for food.

He doesn't usually get what he wants, though, because he's still a big doggie...

... though I must admit it's a far cry from this photo taken almost a year ago.

Now he can sleep on his back and actually breathe while doing it!

My animals. Spoiled rotten, every one of 'em. But don't tell the cats that. They think they own the place.

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Mom on the Verge said...

You have a whole herd of fuzzy people there! I can barely manage one litter box. Which reminds me... I need to scoop the litter box. *ugh*

Friend of mine used to have a "no animals that crap in the house" rule. I'm starting to think, "yeah."