Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The holidays are over. Many people think the holidays are a three-month thing. October, November, December. I beg to differ. They start in October and end at Easter. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, slight break, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Mardi Gras, Easter. Undecorating the house after Easter is usually a bit of a letdown for me. It seems weird to just put up generic spring/summer decorations. I don't have as many of them, either, though I want to get my rump into Yankee Candle and pick up a couple of bright yellow lemonade-scented candles. My cheeks are puckering just thinking about them.

I am enjoying the clean look of the house without the decor, though. I have one candle on the coffee table, set out just to burn. I have one glass pitcher with fake sunflowers set on the shelf in the living room. A few more candles decorate the shelves in the curio cabinet. Sunflower towels (of which I have more than a dozen, largely thanks to my mom) are hung in the kitchen for their seasonal use. A daisy wreath adorns the front door. That is the extent of my current decorating.

A clean look is good for my mental state right now. I've been feeling confined, like I'm claustrophobic in my own home. I've purged lots of stuff from various rooms and closets and recently redecorated my own bedroom, and I still feel like there's just too much junk scattered everywhere. I keep looking around and seeing stuff to toss. My mind asks me, "Are we ever going to play those Wii games again? Will the weather soon be nice enough to burn all the boxes? When should I tackle the giant pile of paperwork? I need to get rid of all the clothes that I will probably never fit into again!"

I see all the things around the house that need improvement, too. The carpet's old. Steam cleaning that helped, but it's still old. Many walls need to have the paint touched up. The furniture is full of nicks and scratches. The couch cushions sag. The glass in the back screen door has a crack in it from the time it didn't latch properly and dropped the three feet down the track to the bottom.

In other words, it's depressing to look around my house, and the pseudoclutter of decorations (which the kids adore and so I will not stop putting them up) wasn't helping. I am hoping with the good, pond-filling, cleansing rain we've gotten over the last week, I'll start to feel better soon. I hope to plant the garden this weekend, so maybe that will help my mentality. After all, a little puttering in the dirt never hurt anyone :)


Beth said...

It must be a purging day.. I've filled 6 bags of trash and clutter today and even gotten the kids in on the task. Would have kept going but the "not walking good" thing slowed me down..

Mom on the Verge said...

Planting a garden will help! I know it!!

And go ahead and strip the house down to essentials -- it's good for the soul every now and then. Gives you room to think. Covers up my inability to decorate. ;)