Thursday, April 28, 2011


Have you ever had one of those days that you knew was going to be really, really long before it even really started?

That was today for me.

M2 wandered in shortly after her alarm went off this morning.



"Mommy, my tummy hurts. It hurts a lot and I feel like I might urp."

Ahhh, crap. I checked her forehead. No fever. Double bother. In my world, a sore tummy sans fever first thing in the morning means I have to keep her home because at some point during the morning, especially if I send her to school, she will blow chunks, which she did shortly before 8 a.m. Then she went back to bed. I called the school. You know this happens too often when the receptionist says, "Do you want to get her homework today or when you bring her back tomorrow?"

By 8:30, when M1 and I were beginning school for the day, she was up again. She made her bed and changed clothes but said she was still too sick for breakfast. By 9 a.m., she'd changed her mind about food, too, and downed a glass of apple juice and a toasted muffin top.


Let the day begin.

The rest of the day pretty much followed the morning's preset formula. It went something like this:

-- M1 threw a spectacular fit after being reminded about an assignment. I told him if his attitude didn't improve that he would not be able to attend his swimming lesson. He wrote me the following letter: "Dear Sarah, I am sorry for throwing a big fit. I chose to write this because swimming is important to me. Your only son, M1." Guilt much? :D

-- At the swimming lesson, one of the other moms asked M2 if her school was out today. Her response? "No. My tummy hurt when I woke up, and I threw up so I didn't have to go to school and could stay home with my mommy."

-- After the swimming lesson, I thought I'd go sign M1 up for summer camp. We arrived at 12:55 p.m. That's when I discovered they take lunch from 12-1. I didn't feel like waiting. Camp registration can wait one more day.

-- We got home, I fed the kids and myself some lunch, and then I suggested some quiet time for everyone. M1 went willingly to his room, finished up some work, and read calmly on his bed (have I mentioned how much I love how his medication works??). M2 went to her room, played her toy piano for 15 minutes, and came out and said she couldn't "lie still" any more. I sent her back for a little while, but she wouldn't/couldn't stay down or quiet. Fine.

-- I made the tragic suggestion that M2 have a pretend art class at home instead of the one she normally has after school on Thursdays. This led to a 90-minute meltdown that culminated in a torn-up piece of artwork and my daughter singing a song that went something like this: "This is the song that never ends. Live it up, live it up! This is the song that never ends. Live it up!" This is to be repeated ad nauseum with crazy dancing and coherent speech optional.

-- M1 discovered how to make a robot that was NOT the one shown in the instructions on the K'Nex box. This is big.

-- The cat went outside. Ten minutes later, I heard an awful caterwauling on the porch. It sounded injured, so I got up to investigate. No injury. Au contraire. She had caught a bird. And killed it. And brought it to me to share. She played with it for a few minutes for my benefit and then dropped it under the glider and left it. Gosh, she's generous.

-- Finally, after the children went to bed, M2 began giggling. Then she came out and said, "Guess what? I discovered a toot machine in my room!" Oh, my. Oz went into her room a few minutes later and discovered she'd taken a water shooter, covered up the firing end, and pushed the tube down to make noise. She was so proud of herself. I couldn't help but laugh.

As for me? Well, it wasn't a bad day. 'Twasn't great, but at least I didn't get a pair of pliers stuck in my tire!

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Stephen said...

Pliers in a tire...who in the world would ever get that?! ;P Hope today was a better day! Love ya, girlie!