Friday, April 15, 2011


The last 24 hours have been the most successful of my entire week.

Success #1: I didn't freak out during the storm! It was tornadic and came fairly close; trees were apparently downed at an elementary school (the one I attended, actually), and there was a significant wall cloud that hung over town for a while. I kept my cool, watched the radar and TV like a hawk, and stepped outside to check actual conditions once or twice. The kids liked watching the intermittent hail and collected some after the storm passed. We had a second round of less severe storms after the kids went to bed, so we've had plenty of rain! I hope it's the end of the drought so that I can plant a garden. Fingers crossed.

Success #2: M1 had a good day of school. He was motivated enough to get done by 11 a.m., which was about two and a half hours earlier than it's been lately. I felt odd sitting on the couch at noon with nothing to teach! Then... oh, glorious then... he took a nap.

Success #3: I steam-cleaned the carpet in the hall and both kids' bedrooms (my bedroom has a wood floor now) with the steam cleaner that was part of my birthday present from Oz and the kids. The dreamy squishiness of freahly-cleaned carpet was soul-soothing. I still need to do the living room. It will happen soon.

Add to these successes the following surprises: Oz had a gift shipped to me so that it would arrive today, and a (HUGE surprise) gift arrived from an out-of-state friend. Today has been great! Some of my friends are coming over in a bit to hang out and chat. It might be cold and cloudy and rainy and windy and just plain dreary outside, but I've got happiness in my heart!

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Mom on the Verge said...

Yayy! I kept seeing film from Oklahoma and am glad you're okay!