Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The halfway mark

I've been having a minor crisis this week. Summer break, as of Friday, is officially halfway over. I called a friend of mine yesterday and asked her, "WHERE is summer going???"

Luckily, she didn't know, either. It's not quite a case of misery loves company, but it's close.

Then another blogger I read, Big Mama, wrote a post about how she's getting basically two weeks of lazy days right now.

TWO WEEKS of lazy days?!?


OK, OK, so after two weeks of anything nearly resembling laziness around here, my kids and I would all be dead. They likely would have killed each other, and I would have died from a brain hemorrhage from trying to *keep* them from killing each other.

But I would like some nice, quiet days where my butt can grow roots and become one with the couch. Not likely, but it'd be nice.

Part of the reason my summer has been so busy is that I know my kids love to be busy. In the first week of summer alone, we hit the library, the farmer's market, the pool, the splash pad, and hung out with some friends.

In the second week of summer, we revisited the library and the farmer's market, had a big meetup with my mom's group, and then I dropped the kids off at my mother-in-law's for my 10th anniversary trip. OK, so I *could* have gotten some down time then, and I sort of did, but it's amazing how fast the stress comes back when I hear my own children speak.

Two weeks ago, we had a day of laziness followed by several days of events including swimming with my homeschool group and cleaning the house so a dozen kids could learn to cook their own food. Then the kids went down to my mother's for the weekend.

LAST week, swimming lessons started, and all hell broke loose. We went to the aquarium, the library, the Philbrook Museum, and I started officially planning for our annual Fourth of July party. Then I had that lovely weekend I've written about that got kicked off on Friday with a playdate out at my friend Angie's, and now it's back to swimming lessons again. We'll hit the library today and hopefully get some Porter peaches for my canning marathon tomorrow while Oz amuses the children, and then it's off to clean the house before Sunday. Oh, and Oz is taking M1 to a baseball game on Thursday evening, with his mother and youngest brother. That's gonna be fun. My friend Mary is going to come over at some point that evening since her mom is planning on borrowing her boys for the night, and I'm supposed to go out with Bridgette and Megan tonight.

And we're not even into July yet! I have one week in there that has an entirely blank calendar on it right now. I'm sure I'll fill it with things like a trip to Enid to see their children's museum and, if the weather is decent, maybe a trip to the zoo, but maybe... just MAYBE... I'll do nothing at all, and we'll have some gloriously lazy days.

Then again, if the kids start fighting, piling them into the car is an easy answer.

Hope everyone else is having a great, FUN summer, too!


Mom on the Verge said...

But I thought "homeschooling" meant never being told when to take vacation... ;)

Sarah said...

This would be more true if my daughter was homeschooled as well, but since we run on her private school schedule, things are a bit different around here :)