Sunday, June 6, 2010

Snapshots of summer

Summer vacation may only be a week in, but already our to-do list is overflowing. There is just no way we're getting it all done in two months.

Of course, we're going to TRY.

Meet Jo. Named for Josephine from "Little Women," this bird is my baby. I had thought that Sophia and all the other Rhode Island Reds were going to be the queens of the coop, but boy, was I wrong. The Plymouths have outdone everyone else. Last night when Oz went out to close up the coop (I was off performing evil deeds and hanging out with the girls), the Plymouths were all parked on the top perch while everyone else was still huddled up in the bedding below.

These girls are go-getters, and Jo is the leader of the pack. She runs to me every time she sees me (she's a bit of a greedy girl) and lets me pick her up and hold her without the slightest fuss. When someone else finds a bug, she's right there to steal it. She's stolen my heart, too, and I can't wait to see how big she gets. They're all getting huge!

My garden is getting big and full already, too. Here are a few images:

Tomatoes, obviously

Bell pepper changing colors

Blue Lake green beans (already!)

Tiny cucumber (meant to stay small, for pickling)


Baby butternut squash


We went down the back of the pasture the other day to check and see how they were doing since I've seen a few farms about that are starting to advertise blackberries already. Traditionally mine aren't ready till about July 4, and that seems to be holding true again, but I had to check. So many baby berries!

And speaking of babies, look what mine can do! He learned to ride a bicycle today, too. It's been a big week. :)

They both enjoyed a good evening catching fireflies, too. I helped M2, but M1 caught a few on his own. Oz can't see very well in the twilight, but he caught a couple, too.

They loved watching their catches. I put some bug-food gel into the jars and let the kids keep them overnight, though M2 got herself worked into a tizzy about how they weren't free and could we please let them go so they wouldn't die, and so we DID, and then she cried because she didn't have them anymore. She's a walking catch-22.

We've also hit up the splash pad and the pool this last week. Didn't take pictures in the pool for obvious reasons, but watching them splash in the water on the first *real* day of summer vacation was a huge treat.

Let the good times roll!!!!

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