Monday, June 28, 2010

Me and my social life

I went to my 10-year high school reunion this weekend. It hadn't been on the agenda until Friday, when another classmate and good friend of mine named Erica told me she was going to crash the picnic at the park on Saturday and did I want to come, too.

Oh, sure. Why not?? That part, at least, was free.

So I went, with the kids, so they could play in the splash pad. And while I was there, my friend Bridgette texted me to say that she'd just gotten into town with her husband from Indiana, where they live. I hadn't seen her since Megan and I went to visit her what, two or three years ago now? I *HAD* to see her. Had to. She's the Thelma to my Louise. So I told her that I'd work out some plans to get together that evening.

Billy showed up shortly after that. Billy wanted to know where Erica (and Erica's husband, who went to elementary school AND high school with Billy and I) and I had been the night before because apparently no one else out of our 'group' had shown up and he had been more or less by himself. We laughed and said we were at home, probably sleeping, and mostly taking care of our kiddos.

And THEN Mica, another classmate of ours, texted Billy and wanted to know if I was going to be at the Saturday night event because he wanted to see me.

Which begs the question, what the heck? I don't talk to these people for years and NOW I'm popular?


So I stared at Oz, who had shown up at the park after getting done with lawn work, and sighed and said I'd see what I could do. Then I called Megan to see if she had any bright ideas, which she didn't because she was very busy getting ready for a wedding. Then Oz tried to find a sitter so that he and I could both go. After that, I gave up the ghost, arranged for Megan and Bridgette to come to my house about 9-ish, and agreed to go to the reunion for a couple of hours.

And THEN... because doesn't this just keep getting better and better??... Erica texted me and told me that apparently it was 'wear a dress' night. And I only own ONE. It requires me to fix my hair to look decent.

I fixed dinner for the kids and Oz and myself and managed to get all dolled up while smelling the funk from a dinner that had burned over in the oven and got out the door while the oven ran through a cleaning cycle that smoked up the house even more and caused the smoke alarm to go off.

I'm a great cook.

It was nice to see some of these folks again, but since I was never popular to begin with, I didn't have a ton of people that I felt I was abandoning when I left. I was more than happy to head back to my house to meet up with Bridgette and Megan. I had more fun with them than I had at the reunion, and all we did was sit around and talk and laugh and have a couple of drinks.

You know you're living the good life when, at 2 a.m., your husband gets inspired to see if amaretto whipped cream will burn and decides to test it out on the sidewalk with a blowtorch. (Answer: A disappointing no. Apparently the cream part keeps it from burning.) Everyone said good night shortly after that, and I figured life was going to be back to normal with work and all that jazz.

Oh, except that my friend Mary had gotten back into town after being away on a week-plus-long trip to West Virginia to visit family and had souvenirs. And her kids had been whisked away to spend a couple of nights elsewhere. And her mom had cleaned her house, so she didn't even need to do that.

Me being me, I checked to see if I had work (six jobs do not an evening of work make) and invited her over. I also invited Bridgette over after she texted me about something else because I'm just crazy like that. They all came over, and we drank (again... I sound like a horrid lush, don't I??) and played video games and talked again.

Finally, today, I swear things are getting back to normal... until Megan and Bridgette and I work out something else to do together this week. Time and friends are precious, and I love to make every second count!

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