Thursday, June 10, 2010

Harvest time!

I got a HUGE surprise when I walked out to check the garden today. I found produce!

These were my first clue that things were ripe. I was bending down to check the peas (not quite ready yet, by the way, but getting there) and saw a flash of red in the middle of one of the plants. I grabbed it and saw another. Thorough investigation uncovered the third. The weight is measured in pounds and ounces, so that's 1 lb. 9 oz. of tomato there, and there are *lots* more on the plants just waiting to ripen.

I grabbed these next, because they were easy to see. The two in front are very, very teensy and the one in back isn't big, but ripe they were, so in they came. They are bell peppers, by the way, just orange and yellow varieties. I plan to pick some of them green when I get a few more tomatoes so I can make some of my own salsa again. The family has really enjoyed it over this last year.

Then I found these. I thought I'd find maybe half a dozen. I was not expecting this many. At all. I was using my shirt as a kind of apron to hold them. By the end, I had been wishing I'd stepped back into the house for the five whole seconds it would have taken to grab a bowl. Have I mentioned that the green bean plants haven't even STARTED to climb the trellis yet? I'm going to be rolling in green beans by this fall. Don't think we'll run out this year.

Finally, I figured since I'd already gotten that much, I'd poke through the cucumber plants to see what I could find. I found these babies. There are a few more that are almost ready and hundreds of flowers still on the vines. They are supposed to be small like this since they are pickling cucumbers, but I strongly suspect that if I'd left them, they'd get still larger. I want snacking pickles, though, so I picked them now.

I'm excited! Let the harvest begin!

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