Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gorgeous Sunday post

Here are some random thoughts for a gorgeous, sunny Sunday.

1. A roll of toilet paper can last an entire week if Oz is gone.

2. I can sleep with four cats and not realize it until I wake up and can't move because the bedspread is pinned down in all directions.

3. One good day in the sun brings my skin color back to the same shade as my foundation. This is good.

4. Geese are remarkably talkative. We had nine of them stop by yesterday after a small thunderstorm. They said hello. And a lot of other things. Some of them are not repeatable. I know they're not repeatable because nobody says polite things while hissing and chasing someone while trying to bite their neck.

5. My husband is the self-proclaimed King of Tacky T-shirts. His latest one is this. At 6'8" tall, nobody has taken the dare yet. Except me. Repeatedly.

6. My baby girl is getting freckles. They're really, really tiny and really, really cute.

7. Watching anything with Charlie Sheen in it is hilarious now that he's such a "winning" person. I highly recommend the original "Wall Street" for a great laugh. It was a good movie, anyway.

8. The second Borders in our town has been added to the hit list. This particular Borders has been a haven for me during lots of crises. I am going to cry. And then I'm going to have to see if I can have one last coffee with friends there before it shuts.

9. Bruises and unwounded skin are fighting a battle for control of my son's limbs. It's a close contest. The best(?) part is that he has no idea how 98% of the bruises happened.

10. The kids have decided they NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED one of these. M2 has volunteered to pay for it. He even factored in shipping. Oz and I are pondering where to hang it.

Enjoy the weather!

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Beth said...

T1 has tried one of those nest chairs at OT and LOVED it. I think she would stay there all day if she could contain her caged tiger pacing. If there's a stud in the ceiling in his room near a corner, that would be kind of out of the way-ish.. An O hook thing and some chain would do ya.. Not that we have swings mounted in our kids rooms or anything...