Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break, Round One

The first week of Spring Break is officially over. It's amazing how quickly it flew by. It's been amazing. I'm so glad I get to spend these days with my kids.

Yesterday we ran errands and bought summerish things like flip-flops, swimsuits, and sunglasses. Of course, that meant it turned colder today. Not that M2 noticed. She woke up and put on a tank top and skirt. Girl doesn't have a 'cold' setting.

Since we were inside, we cleaned the house, took down the St. Paddy's Day decorations and put up Easter, and just played. The kids invented games to play together, and I got to laugh hysterically at the differences in their ideas of fun.

M1 invented a game first. He brought out his cars and pretended they were all bombers. The goal of the game, which was in fact a competition, was to bomb the crap out of your opponent's 'bombers' before they bombed yours. M2 got very upset for two reasons: 1) M1 wasn't playing fair (and he wasn't, and I took care of it), and 2) M1 kept bombing the Red Cross truck. How do you explain the idea of war crimes to an 8-year-old? I let that one slide. They worked it out. Mostly M1 handed the truck to M2 and let her hide it in her bunker.

Then M2 had a turn. She broke out her mermaids and Strawberry Shortcake and Barbie and, just for M1, a shark, because he refused to play a girl part with a high voice like M2 had originally wanted. The shark was supposed to be hunting for food and treasure in the lagoon where the mermaids and Strawberry lived. Barbie only got to participate for a few minutes before she got tossed aside. My daughter is not a Barbie girl. It was really funny, though, when M1 got completely confused by the fact that his shark wasn't allowed to eat the mermaids. And when the shark turned out to be the mermaids' brother and had to talk about emotions... well... it was all I could do to keep a straight face. I tried to record it on video for teenage blackmail purposes, but M1 heard the ding of the camera and froze in place until I turned it off.

M1 had a rather difficult day, all told. Besides having to be fair (heaven forbid), I had to spend a good chunk of the day working out ways to keep him occupado, because - God love him - the boy is my child through and through. If his hands aren't kept busy, they find a way to pester his sister. If she walked through a doorway and he was near it, he felt the need to block it. If she was helping me and he was in between jobs, he'd find a way to distract her. He found a bar magnet of hers today and wanted to return it, but he couldn't just give it back. Oh, no. He had to stick it down the back of her skirt. At bedtime (before I caught him trying to fill a glass test tube - with a huge chip gone - with water to conduct post-bedtime experiments in his room), I sat him down and cuddled him and told him the story of a girl who was terribly mean to her sister and had a hard time learning to control herself. He worked out very quickly that the mean girl was me, and I think he was reassured that we're alike that way. Oz wasn't mean to his brothers, and I think sometimes M1 feels very alone when he gets in trouble. M2 likes to pester, too, but she prefers me as her subject, which makes it easier to handle most of the time. It's hard not to make the kids feel like I have favorites. I'm sure no parent masters it.

All in all, though, I think the first week of Spring Break has been a success. One more to go, with M2's birthday in it. It's gonna be another wild ride!

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Mom on the Verge said...

Way to stay positive!

Mine are off next week, too, if they'll let me, and I'm not sure that they realize that the TV is going to be off... ;)