Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Break Fatigue

I. Am. Tired. I am typing this and going to bed. It's 8:49 p.m. Last night I was in bed by 9, too, though I didn't flip the light off till about 10:30 because Oz gave me his Kindle since he got an iPad 2 and I downloaded Tom Clancy's "Without Remorse" and had the stupidity to pick it up to read "a few words." Anyway, I don't plan to read tonight. The last two days have been long. Good, just really looooooooooooooong.

Two nights ago I caught a bad case of insomnia. The kids had experienced it, too, and I had to tell them both to turn their lamps off at 10. I went to bed at midnight, like a good girl and like I usually do. At 12:30 I gave up, got up and read the Kindle till 1. At 1 I decided to try to sleep again. At 1:45 I got up and puttered on the computer till 2:15. At 2:30 my bladder announced its presence. At 2:45 I finally felt tired, checked my watch so I'd know if a significant amount of time passed before I surfaced again, and fell asleep.

The kids woke me up at 5:15. The Waking of the Mommy wasn't deliberate, but M1 had woken, gone and gotten M2 up, and they had subsequently trashed his room and were giggling like hyenas. I went a little Vesuvius. They went back to their beds, and I to mine, till my alarm went off at 6:48. I hit snooze repeatedly till 7:15 and then realized that if I wanted to leave the house by 8:30, I needed to rise and make a half-hearted attempt to shine... all the way to the coffee pot. The kids were nowhere to be seen. I had to wake them at 7:45. I was jealous. But I got them up and around and fed and in the car, and off we went to visit my grandmother in Kansas. It was a two-hour drive up. We visited. It was lovely. She fixed the following food for lunch:

Cornflake-coated oven-fried chicken
Green beans with bacon
Cole slaw
Macaroni and cheese
Lime Jell-O salad with pears and marshmallows

She decided that since we had macaroni and cheese, she didn't need to fix potatoes. I concurred.

And this was all NOT including dessert, which we had later, and which consisted of pineapple upside-down cake, snickerdoodles, and grapes. That's right. Dessert had courses. The kids and I didn't eat supper last night. She has enough leftovers to feed herself for the next week. And I brought home the mac 'n' cheese and the rest of the cake and some of the cookies, since she's technically on a gluten-free diet.

Anyway, we took the kids to the park, wore them out thoroughly, and then I made the two-hour trek back home. I'm sure my grandmother went straight to bed. She had a lot less energy this time than she did even six months ago. It's worrying.

As I said, last night I was out like a light by 10:30, which is saying something for a woman who never goes to bed at that time without a migraine or some other medical cause. Time change + one night of insomnia = Apparent Sleep Problems. This morning I got up when M2 woke me up around 8:45. I fed the kids upside-down cake and a hard-boiled egg for breakfast (What? Cake is awesome breakfast food, right??), puttered around and did some chores, and then we went to a friend's house. She had invited several people over to play. She lives on a lake in the area, and so after lunch, we all went down to the shoreline. The kids played and played and played. We adults sat and talked. We all baked in the sun, and most of us came away with a little sunburn. M1 also has about a dozen scratches in various places, all of which he can locate due to a strong sense of pain but most of which he can't identify a source for. The drama is amusing.

After we left, I assessed our plans. We were supposed to have done our grocery shopping today, but yeah... soooo didn't happen. We came home, the kids voluntarily took showers and changed into pajamas, and we oozed on the couch watching the original Scooby-Doo cartoons till the frozen pizza was done cooking. Bed was at 7 for anyone under the age of Me. M1 claimed to have "so much energy," but I haven't heard a peep out of him since about 7:15. M2 just got up and came to me crying, sound asleep, something she hasn't done for about a year and a half.

I was going to take them to a museum tomorrow, but I think that instead we'll hit up the grocery store, maybe run to a clothing store to get M2 some summer pajamas, maybe go to a bakery and pick up carbohydrate-loaded treats, and otherwise recover from the past two days.

Spring Break is exhausting! G'night, everyone!

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Beth said...

Whoo hoo - busy is out of trouble and bored though... And sure beats sitting on yer arse with a broken foot and doctor appointments.. ;)