Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Cat Lives

So I took the cats to the vet.  As predicted, one was pronounced morbidly obese (the tech was overheard saying, "Oh, my gosh... he has such a tiny head, but he's huge!") and the other pronounced malodorous.

The vet pulled Pepe out of his carrier, gave him the once-over, and when introduced to "It" (as I shall now refer to the cyst because I really, really don't want to gross you out more than once a day), he was rather impressed.  The vet took the cat to the back, shaved the long fur around the area in question, cleaned It all out, and brought him back, itching and cranky and with a large, noticeable hole where It had once been.

So it wound up all being good news.  Not cancer, not something that's going to recur, hopefully, and nothing bacterial or fungal.  We're all back home with two weeks' worth of feline amoxicillin.  The sight of the site where It was, though, is now the thing that can induce nausea.  This is better than the smell, but does anyone know if you can use Neosporin and self-adhesive bandages on cats?  Because that'd make me even happier.


Wendy L. Callahan said...

Ew. Shoulder hole. Here's hoping it heals quickly! Glad that the prognosis was good.

Beth said...

Neosprin YES. Yes you can. And they make liquid bandage for cats. It sort of "seals" the area off. You can also just use regular liquid bandage. It doesn't cover it to make it look better, but it helps it heal MUCH faster. We've used it several times and it's just over at Petsmart or petco. Like when Luke ate his fur off and so on, it helps them from licking it (or others eating it..) and makes it heal better..