Thursday, January 26, 2012


I love puns.  I'm a dork like that.  Today is a trial by fire, in a way.

I got a call from M2's school yesterday morning about 10.  M2 was in the office in tears complaining that her ear hurt and her head hurt and her tummy hurt.  Since she'd been rather off on Tuesday afternoon as well, I agreed to come get her.  After all, she's at the top of her class and it's first grade... one day of being at home is not going to affect her chances of getting into college.  She came home and rested for an hour and then spent a quiet day making necklaces and making up math problems for fun.

This morning, she didn't bounce out of bed when her alarm went off, so I went in to get her up.  I was greeted by a sullen little monster.

"My tummy hurts," she groaned.  "A lot."

I asked her how her head and ear were.  The answers varied from "a tiny bit" to "so very much, Mommy." But the tummy continued to ache.

I know from experience that sending her to school with a sore stomach will end up with a phone call from the office saying, "Mrs. B, your daughter's here in the office.  She just threw up."  I know this because it's happened before.  So after kvetching about the situation to Oz, I agreed to let her stay home today as long as she agreed to go back tomorrow.

Instantly Cheerful Girl replied, "OK, Mom!"  She hopped out of bed, got dressed, made her bed, and ate half her breakfast (her lack of eating does worry me... she didn't eat much yesterday, either, which does at least lend a little credence to the stomach pain scenario).  Then I announced it was school time... for both kids.

Initially they were both thrilled.  The idea of a trial school day, just to see what this fall will really be like, was exciting.  They wanted to work together.  They wanted to be side by side.  They wanted to share history and chemistry and Spanish and see how fast they could get done.

It wore off fast.

M1 did handwriting first.  Then he started on spelling but quickly discovered that me doing grammar in the background with M2 was a major distraction.  He and I had to go over the words 'mechanic' and 'character' half a dozen times before he realized that I did, in fact, expect him to learn today.  That sucked all the fun out of it for him.  M2 enjoyed math until she realized that it was not all going to be review... and then she melted. When she recovered, she did four pages of math (I only asked for one, but she really does love math) and then told me she was done for a while and taking a break.

Fine.  GO.

M1 just finished chemistry - by himself - and is about to start writing.  M2 is in her room playing.  I suspect there will be a fair bit of friction this fall before we settle into a routine.  At least I know now that all the things that I suspected as being problems actually will be problems.  Hopefully between now and then, I can work out some sort of attack plan to make sure things run as smoothly as possible.

Mental health day for her = head case for me.  Anyone have advice about going from one student to two and how to make that transition smoother?


Beth said...

Good luck with getting a good 2 kid balance! I've been trying to do it with these 2 for a while now and still can't get it right a good part of the time it seems :)

Anonymous said...

Hm, maybe when you go from one to two, ease into it? Perhaps slowly add a subject every few days, so you can work out a routine and sort out what works well and what doesn't?