Sunday, January 1, 2012

The First Post of 2012

So it's 2012.  To borrow a phrase from a Garfield cartoon I read a couple decades ago, it feels about the same.  The sky is blue, the grass is brown, and the wind is blowing... all of which means it's Oklahoma and there's no rain, which means we're probably still going to experience drought conditions this year, which means planting a garden may or may not be a wise idea this year.  We'll see.  

I've made my mental list of New Year's Resolutions.  My main goal is to be a better friend and keep in touch more often with those who matter most.  I really need to conquer some of this massive phone phobia that I have and actually call people once in a while.  Not the pizza guy.  Or the insurance company.  Just a few relatives and friends (sometimes these are the same people).  And I want to see them more often, too.  Talking on the phone or texting can be great, but there's nothing like a good belly laugh over a drink while the kids run riot in the background.  Do you make resolutions?  Do you keep them?  I'm generally pretty good at it, with the annual exception of getting in shape.  That's a time-based problem, though... referring to my lack of it more than anything else.

Since I totally slacked off on ending 2011 with any great looks back, I'm going to take a different tack and look ahead to things that will happen in 2012:

1.  I will move.  Perhaps this is more me being hopeful than anything else, but I'm going to throw it out there anyway.  I do not want to be in this house next Christmas.

2.  One cat and one gerbil will bite the dust.  Both of them are old.  The cat is now being referred to as "Death Smell Cat" because he has a recurring cyst on his shoulder that stinks to high heaven.  The gerbil has already lived well into its expected life span.  I think it turns 3 this spring.  That's ancient for rodentia.

3.  M2 will go to public school or come home this fall.  I can almost guarantee that she will not be attending her current school.  

4.  I will turn 30.  Sadly, this is not a 'probably.' This is a certainty.  I will not discuss my feelings about this milestone in this post.  Suffice it to say that I am not okay with 30.  Do not mock me.  Do not try to reassure me.  I will probably remain in a funk about this subject for a while, and while I appreciate your efforts to tell me that it's all going to "be okay," I do not want to hear it.  Thank you for your consideration. *charming smile*

5.  Something will happen with regards to my grandmother.  She's declining.  Since she's 87, soon to be 88, this is not surprising, but it's sad.  She had talked about putting herself into a home, but now she's reneging and is attempting in-home help instead.  I gotta say, it is cheaper, so I can't argue, but I worry about how long that will actually work.  I worry about getting a phone call in the middle of the night from my mom saying that she's gotten a call from another friend/relative or Life Alert saying that something has happened.

6.  M2 will become fluent at reading music.  She's already started working on this, but she's picking it up rather quickly.

7.  M1 will attend his first swim meet and get a ribbon.

8.  I will get to take a vacation sans kids.  (Hint, hint, Oz.  And a girls-only trip would be cool, too.)

9.  I will give myself permission to take it easy during the 2012 holiday season and just buy gift cards as gifts for everyone.  

10.  I will get off my duff and finally learn German or something else that might be more useful for life.  I might even see about finding another job.

So those are what I expect to happen in 2012.  What do you expect to happen this year?  


farmwifetwo said...

I've discovered turning 40 is worse than being actually being 40.

Except for 5 hotter and drier than normal weeks in June/July it has been WET for 12 months. Last year by now they'd missed 5 days of school and 13 in total. Usually they are lucky to miss 1. This year it's come in rain. 70 to 100km/hr gusts at the moment, rain and snow to come tonight. We've had 9" since the start of Dec. It's WET!!! Creeks are at the top of their banks, the beach is full of water... WET!!! You are welcome to some. Be happy to share.

Love to move... unfortunately Dh won't move off his parents farm... ever.. Yes, I knew that when I married him...

School... let's just say it's been one of the better years and knock on the wood table and move on :)

Can't complain about 2011... it's been better than many and I know many others with bigger issues than I have.

BridgyM said...

I'm turning 30 this year too. I say we buy a bottle of something yummy and bemoan our fate. I believe it's what good friends do together.

Sarah said...

Yes... yes it IS what friends do!

Brilliant Creations said...

I've decided that we're taking the entire month of December off in 2012, and possibly the first 2 weeks of January. We'll continue part time over the summer to eliminate guilt. :) I want to just be able to savor every holiday moment with my kids!