Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Babies Wuv Me

I wuv my babies, too.

M1 has been driving me crazy off and on all week.  He's been going back and forth on his desire/ability to focus on his schoolwork, so it's hard for me to work out what level of work to expect from him each day.  But he can be incredibly sweet.  Today, he thanked me for taking him to swim lessons.  This isn't something he's ever said before, but it resonated beautifully. His simple gratitude was very touching, and when combined with his other gentlemanly abilities (racing ahead to hold doors open despite the fact that his arms were full of swim gear and all I held was a book, for example), it was a lovely reminder of the young man he is rapidly becoming.

M2 is a sweetie pie, too.  Over the weekend, she took some time to make me a necklace and bracelet with some of her beads that she got for Christmas.  She checked with me beforehand to make sure the items were going to fit, worked for a couple of hours on these projects, and did a fabulous job.  She presented them to me with pride and announced, "These are so nice, you can even wear them out!"  I've made a point of wearing at least the bracelet a few days this week, and she inevitably notices and beams.  Then this evening, she had been in bed for about an hour when she suddenly appeared in the living room and held out her hands.  "Mom, can I get some love on my hands?"  I obliged, covering her palms with kisses.  When I finished, she smiled at me.  "Thanks, Mom.  I just felt scared.  I needed your love."  Back to bed she bounced.

And with that, I melted into a puddle of Mom Goo.  Why can't they stay little forever??


Anonymous said...

Awww! Those are some of the best moments ever. :)

Glimmering Girl said...

I love those special mom moments