Monday, January 23, 2012

Things I Learned Today

1.  It is possible for a 6-year-old girl to shriek so suddenly and so loudly that your ears instantly go into shut-down mode exactly like they do when you're 6' away from the sound system at a rock concert.  It took them five minutes to realize that she had only made that particular noise once and reopen. 

2.  According to a 1999 study, strabismus is markedly more common in children with autism spectrum disorders than in the general population.  Gosh, this would have been nice to know when my son was dealing with eye surgery at the age of 2.  Or when he was diagnosed with Asperger's at the age of 5.  

3.  It is possible to get two 9-year-old boys to sit together and listen to an adult read a children's book without interrupting.  I had not seen this phenomenon before.  It made me smile.

4.  It is NOT possible for two children to go to bed and stay in bed all night.  One or both must get up at least once. (OK, I didn't learn this today, but the validity of the lesson was reinforced.)

5.  The ability of the dryer to dry laundry in what might be considered a 'normal' amount of time is inversely proportional to the NEED for the laundry to be finished.  

6.  It takes four cats to hold down a bed... one on each corner.  And no, it doesn't matter if you or your feet are in the way.

What lessons have you learned so far this week?

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Mom on the Verge said...

I learned the power of Angry Birds. "If you read a chapter of your book on the Kindle, you may play Angry Birds for the same amount of time." Cha-ching!

Sounds like life as we know it...