Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Inside the Liquor Cabinet

After the Feline Fiasco yesterday, I was ready for an easy day today.

I am not getting it.

Rather than grump and gripe and kvetch, though, I poured myself a cup of coffee and opened up the liquor cabinet for a lil' touch o' the Irish.  That's right... I have Bailey's in my coffee this morning.  Not much, but it's there.

This is not something I do on a regular basis, but this morning seriously warranted it.

When I was looking down into the booze stash, though, I saw the bottle of Captain Morgan's spiced rum the Oz bought me when I sent him to the store for "regular rum," and he thought that's what "regular rum" was when in my mind, "regular rum" was a bottle of Bacardi... the same rum we have always bought.


It doesn't bug me that we now have an extra bottle in there, but what does bug me is that I've never drunk spiced rum before.  Can it be drunk straight?  Is it better warm, room-temperature, or cold?  Is it a good mixer?  If so, do you have any favorite recipes?

Someone educate me about what's in my cabinet now, please!  Because if this day doesn't get better, I'm going to need another lil' somethin' to get me through the evening.  You guys are amazing, and I appreciate you all (and no, I haven't had THAT much Bailey's... you guys really are that great).


farmwifetwo said...

I'm not a rum fan and my Father got a bottle of spiced rum last Xmas... and yes I just went and looked... it's still sitting in ours a year later. Dh and my Father are rum drinkers and maybe one day when the world comes to an end it'll make wound cleaner... truly, I think Dh has forgotten it's there.

Kahlua is my fav for coffee. Bailey's I don't like has an after taste. Godiva... white chocolate liqueur... they only bring it in for Xmas... YUM... on ice.

My Father introduced us to Black Russians this Xmas... evil. Kahlua and vodka, with cherries. YUM!!

Kid's are gone until Sat... although with all the phone calls so far and they've only been gone 24hrs I won't be surprised if my Parents return them tomorrow... Must get Dh to make adult beverages tonight. Sit by fireplace (house hasn't warmed in 3 days), feet up on new sofa, book... and hope kiddies stay gone until Sat b/c the to do list is HUGE!!!

Beth said...

Capt'n and Coke all the way! Slap that puppy in a glass with some ice, pour some coke, dr. pepper, whatever.. and chug. :) Throw some cherries in there for variety. Straight, not so tasty unless you wanna be a pirate and say ARRRGG a lot and get a bird.