Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Halloween Story, by Doodlebug

This started as a free writing exercise when I suggested the children write a scary or fairy story.  Enjoy!

     It was an old house. It had an old iron furnace that used coal. The main floor had been used as a funeral home. There were many works of taxidermy. There was at least one crack in every ceiling, and there was water damage everywhere. From the outside the house was dilapidated. Upstairs was the children's bedroom. In the bedroom Billy woke up, his heart thumping. He called out to his brother, Chris, and there was no answer. He lay back down with his teddy bear, Furry Ferocious. Then he noticed the exceptional silence.

     He didn't hear his brother's breathing, he didn't hear the bats in the attic, and it was colder than usual. He got up and looked over, but his brother was gone.

     He yelled, "Mom!!" but there was no answer. Billy resolved that he and Furry Ferocious would wait for Chris to come back. He waited, tossed, and waited some more, but Chris didn't come back. After that he got up, looked down the hall and gulped.

     He walked to his parents' room. His mind was racing. He thought that any moment now zombies would lumber out and eat his brains. He reached his parents' room, but they were gone. He went downstairs. It seemed to be empty. Then he felt it. The cold and silence were alive. Something was coming up the basement stairs.

     He wondered, "Did it catch my family?" Then he fled upstairs.

     He felt the silence come up the stairs toward him. Suddenly his bear was pulled away, and he was completely surrounded by the cold and silence. Next thing he knew light was streaming through the window.

     At breakfast Billy asked Chris where he had been during the night. Chris replied, "In bed of course."

     Billy's family said that it was a dream. After that night, though, Billy's bear was never seen again.


Common Household Mom said...

Oooh, this is an excellent creepy Halloween story. The scene is set to be ultra creepy in every way. I especially like the part where it first mentions the exceptional silence and says, "he didn't hear the bats in the attic."

Beth said...

Ohhhh that's awesome! Nice use of words too!! Love it!

G said...

I love the name Furry Ferocious! And it's a great spooky story.