Monday, October 21, 2013

Peaceful Monday

I don't always love Monday.  In fact, most of the time I am not a fan of Mondays at all.  They are, however, growing on me.  The primary reason for this is simple:  I don't have to go anywhere.  Every other day of the week, I have to get in the car and drive someone or multiple someones somewhere to do something.  Swim team practice, swim meets, yoga class, violin lesson, homeschool group, even going to the library - all of those involve me spending time driving back and forth across town.  I love to drive.  I just get tired of running the same routes every week.

This Monday has been particularly glorious.  Doodlebug and I went to a concert last night and didn't get home till 11.  It would have been later, but we left the show early because the poor boy is not a night owl at all and was nodding off in his seat.  He felt bad, but he usually puts himself to bed around 8, and even with a nap yesterday afternoon, he just couldn't stay awake any more.  Obviously getting up early was not in the cards today.  We managed to be up and around by 8-ish, though, which was a good thing because a photographer friend of mine came over after dropping her own munchkins off at school and proceeded to spend the next hour or so taking a million photos of my kids.  It was cloudy and a little drizzly, but not misty, so the lighting was perfect.  When we got done, she browsed through some of the photos she'd taken and made me tear up because the kids looked soooooo big.  Some of her pictures of Doodlebug reminded me of senior portraits.  Scary thought.  Boo had conned Speed Bump into being in some of the shots, so we have pictures of the girl and her dog.  Those are adorable, too.

We wandered upstairs and did school for the what was left of the morning before breaking for lunch.  Broken bowl, lentils and pottery shards all over the floor - sometimes that would have made the entire day crappy, but I just couldn't manage to be grumpy today.  It was - and is - still gray outside, so I asked the kids if they wanted to do the rest of their school work in front of the fireplace.  They did.  I dug out a fall-scented candle (What does fall smell like?  Apples and cinnamon and pumpkin, in my opinion) and lit that to accompany the heat of the fire.  I walked upstairs a bit ago and realized that our new logs are doing a fantastic job of heating the living room.  I may never leave this space.  It's deliciously warm.

Boo has finished her school work and practiced her violin, so she's almost done for the day; she only needs to fold and put away her laundry.  Doodlebug is on his last subject, math, and then will do his own laundry and give the Tom-lizard his daily bath.

As for me, I'm going to do my own laundry and make meatloaf for dinner.  Days like this make me wonder if it's worth having extracurricular activities.  I've been debating whether or not to make the boy take a break from swim team for a month or two this winter, just because he's been doing it for so long without one.  The idea is rapidly taking root.  It would free up a lot of time.  More things to think about another day.  Today... today is for relaxing.


Kim said...

Oh I wonder the same thing about extracurriculars! In fantasize about cutting them out. Monday is also our quiet day, and it's a fight to keep it that way!

Sarah said...

I think we are going to give swim a break during the spring semester. I want to give the boy a chance to try some other activities, but two days a week PLUS something else is too much.

Gillian said...

I treasure too the days when we don't have to go anywhere, which for us is generally Thursdays... well, Mondays lately too (and no, I don't count my having to go to work as going anywhere).

We used to have a lot more extracurricular activities, and finally we got down to one very loved activity each plus park Fridays. Works for me!

I laughed at your comment on my blog this morning -- my husband too hates pumpkin, but the kids and I love it!

Common Household Mom said...

It's hard to carve it out of our daily schedule, but I try to build in some 'thinking and pondering' time. That could be just as valuable as any extracurricular (as long as thinking and not mindless computer-game playing is occurring).

In my case, driving around seemed to increase exponentially as the kids got older. They didn't think there was any limit to the number of extracurricular things they could do. For some things I had to say, if you can't find a ride with someone else, you can't do that activity. Now the oldest two are at college, and they REALLY need to find their own ride (or find it on campus)!