Thursday, October 24, 2013

Girl vs. Hair

I don't know about you, but when I was little, my mom had the ultimate say-so about my hair.  I had long hair.  It was curled each morning.  I had bangs.  They were cut straight across my forehead, and they were also curled each morning.  When I was 9, I rebelled.  I insisted that I wanted to grow out my bangs.  My mother fought me for months, but I won when I would no longer let her get the scissors near my forehead.  I did this by shaking my head demonically.  She acquiesced, and I grew out the bangs.  As I got older, I kept the hair long for the most part, chopping it off only once in a horrid experiment that caused me to look like a poodle for many months.  I've only had it short once since then, and while it was not quite as horrid the second time around (since I actually knew how to care for my hair at that point), I realized that long hair is something I should stick with.  It simply works for me.

I have never employed any manipulation with Boo's hair.  I kept it in a bob when she was tiny, but when she was big enough to have an opinion, I allowed her to let it grow or trim it as desired.  

She's always liked it long.  When we'd go to get it cut, she'd insist on having only the most minuscule amounts taken off, leaving the majority behind.

This week, however, she suddenly got a bee in her bonnet and decided she wanted her hair gone.  ALL gone.  I'd been gunning for a trim for a while, hoping she'd go back to a bob or something, but nope... the girl wanted something between Michelle Williams and Carey Mulligan.  Not that she knew who they were, but she's kinda like her mother in that things are either all or nothing.

So tonight, we went to get her hair cut.  And I love the results.

She's awfully pleased, too.  My girl got her first major haircut.  It's a milestone!


skrink said...

So cute!! Totally suits her. :)

Common Household Mom said...

Excellent, sophisticated haircut!

Hair care is a sore subject around here. When I was a kid I had bangs, and I hated them. So one day, I cut them off. Right to the scalp, right in front. It became a family story, and not one that I was particularly happy to have repeated over and over.

Fast forward about 35 years and we had my own daughter cutting her hair off close to the scalp, twice, but not because of bangs. Instead it was because she refused to comb it and it got so hopelessly tangled that I said I was going to comb it out. She cut it before I could make good on my threat.

So the way I see it, your daughter's first major haircut is truly a great thing for both of you.

Beth said...

SoOOOO cute!! Cannot wait to see it!!