Monday, October 7, 2013

Suddenly, Manual Labor!

Just when you find yourself wondering where on earth you can find manual labor for your child to do, The Awesome Husband will take that opportunity to dig, line, and otherwise build a fire pit, and there's plenty of manual labor for a child to do during that project!  Hauling logs, backfilling holes and hauling away extra sand, fetching tools and putting them away - all are jobs that will get morose, electronics-driven boys moving if there's a promise of fire at the end.

As for me, I got to sit down by the fire after it was built and warm my bare tootsies.

I am one happy mama.


Gillian said...

What a nice firepit! We keep meaning to put one in.

skrink said...

Been wanting this for a long time - perfect fall project! I forwarded your pic to dh to prompt action here. :)

Sarah said...

Thanks! Yes, it was perfect. We have a sandy creek area behind our house, so DH just dug down a foot or two, lined the sides with the same gray landscaping stone that you see here (there are four layers of stone total, one above ground and three below), made sure it was all level, backfilled the sides, added the pit/grate combo, and then put some of the lava rock that we had removed from the front garden and used that to line the bottom so we could have a firm layer there... and voila! Took a single afternoon to build. Probably would have taken longer if we had to worry about the ground around it, but there is SOME good to sand. We're going to add some solar LED lights along the path to keep people from falling into the creek at night, and we put our wooden benches/table that DH built around the pit. I'm delighted with the results. Good luck with yours! Share pics!