Sunday, October 6, 2013

Muddling Onward

I should be writing our Homemade History blog post for the week, but I'm not.  I'll try to get to it sometime in the next day or so.  We're taking this week off of school because of Doodlebug's birthday, and after we get back from the break I'm going to revamp the way we do things a little bit, at the kids' requests.  Doodlebug does not want to go to public school in January and has stated that in no uncertain terms, and for now, at least, he seems determined to work toward that goal.  For my part, I asked the kids what they liked and what they didn't about our school day, and I got some excellent feedback.  So while most of the history stuff will be the same, the way in which we implement it will be somewhat different.  Fingers crossed that it makes things more interesting for all of us; we all hate ruts.  I'll also be changing up the way we do science a little bit, and I'm totally overhauling Boo's language arts program.  It'll mean a bit more work for me, but if she's happier and I don't have the occasional meltdowns that I do right now, then it'll be worth it.  Doodlebug is desperately bored with his math curriculum (Math-U-See), but I've promised him if he can get through Zeta (he's on lesson 13), then for prealgebra we'll swap to the Art of Problem Solving books.  Other than that, he's 10.99 years old and thinks school is school, no matter what form it takes.

So that's school.

Boo has been much improved since we implemented the Respect Jar and Put-Up Plan.  I didn't figure it would take much to get her back to baseline.

Doodlebug is still fighting us every inch of the way, and I am in desperate need of a good counselor for both him and me.  He was up again last night.  At 4 a.m. when I got up to use the bathroom, I heard the toilet upstairs flush, too, and went up to check and make sure everyone was okay.  He was lying on his bed, wide awake.  He had swiped his sister's iPod Touch, logged in, and was watching - wait for it, I'm sure you'll be shocked - Minecraft videos.  One of the things on his birthday/Christmas list is an iOS device.  There's not a chance this side of Hades he'll get once, since he can't even be responsible with one that isn't his.  I'm trying to work with him, but it's like trying to corral the ocean; it's just going to do what it wants and to hell with the consequences for everyone else.  I know he's a good kid deep down, but I wish I saw that more often in daily life.  Where are all the manual labor jobs for kids when you need them?  It's actions like these that really make me wonder if he'll ever be able to live successfully on his own.

I'm not giving up.  I know I'm not a bad parent, despite the occasional feeling of being overwhelmed by the responsibility of raising this particular child.  But I'm still stuck.

Onward into the fray!


farmwifetwo said...

Don't blame you. I have a 14yr old that keeps fighting for unfettered access to the internet on his 3DS or Wii... we have a computer, and an iPad... he can use those. Unfortunately, I know that once he has it he'll want this, or that, or this and the fights will just continue.

Still think you should do the school at Jan thing. Go through with the threat even if it's just until the end of the year and pull him out once more. I wouldn't tell him you're thinking about pulling him back out. This way, when you tell him you are going to do something... he's never quite sure if you will and you'll get compliance faster.

But... I've been there, done that now for years and one thing I was told long ago by the child psych... "you will be dealing with behaviour every single day"... unfortunately, he's right. Some days are just less frustrating than others.

Sarah said...

Yup. He got his door back today. If he can keep from slamming the glass back door, he can keep it. Dropped him off at the library while I took the cat to the vet this morning, and he used the opportunity to play Minecraft and promptly lose his library card. Dork. <3 Still looking for a therapist. Finding one on our insurance that is good is apparently a herculean task. Go figure.