Friday, October 11, 2013

Homemade History, Week 11

Trying this a different way this week... lemme know your thoughts.

Topic:  Bronze Age Europe

Reading Options:  Usborne World History Encyclopedia pp. 120-123, Kingfisher Book of the Ancient World pp. 102-107, Kingfisher History Encyclopedia pp. 12-13

Hands-On Learning Options:  Map of Ancient Europe from Map Trek, Stonehenge mystery pages from, research European mythology (Celtic, Norse, Saxon, Slavic, etc.)

Definitions/Critical Thinking Questions:  Neolithic, brooch, palisade, bronze/Why do you think Stonehenge was built?  Do you think it should be preserved?

Electronic Learning Options:  BBC for Kids Anglo-Saxons page, Celtic Europe video, for instance.  There are also lots of hour-long documentaries including this one about the facts behind the fiction of Lord of the Rings.  This is one of my favorite parts of history, so I could go on for days.  I'll stop here.

Next week:  Egypt - The Middle Kingdom, mythology

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