Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer, So Far

I'm typing this with glitter-painted fingernails; my toenails are light pink.  M2 has red toenails and fingernails coated in a shimmery silver.

There's a painting sitting on the end table next to me.  It was originally declared to be a portrait of me, but this was later altered to be Granny (my mom) because the "golden" (yellow) tempera paint container was empty and M2 had to go with brown instead.  Plus the hair was really big and the shirt was purple.  I must say, the picture does work if you consider it a cartoon of my mother.

The curriculum cabinet has been cleaned out and restocked with the books we'll need in July, and I consolidated all the art/science supplies from two cabinets into one closet.  This only works as long as we have a storage unit that houses all my wreaths for the front door and winter coats, but never mind.  Hopefully we'll move soon and it'll all be moot.  

I dream.

There are orange-juice popsicles in my freezer that M2 and I made, and there's a bag of chocolate chips in my pantry so M1 can make cookies tomorrow.  Next week the kids are excited about helping me make an Indian meal.  I'm going to make the curry, but M1 is making the naan and M2 is going to make raita.

Library books adorn various tables throughout the house.  The kids have been extremely diligent to select some books that meet my "reading level" requirement for the summer reading program.  I'm happy to let them check out whatever they want, but brain candy books don't make it on the official summer reading program list.  Since they have all summer to read 20 books, this isn't a big deal for either one.

I need to go purchase a swimsuit sometime this weekend so that as soon as M1 is ungrounded (he's been really good so far and has earned several privileges back, including snack time and his evening read-aloud time) we can hit the pool.

M2 will be getting her first pair of glasses next week.  On Tuesday, I discovered that she needed to sit forward and squint to read a document on my computer when she was practically sitting on my lap.  On Wednesday we visited the optometrist, who said that her vision wasn't horrible but that if she was having symptoms (and the accompanying headaches and blurry vision from strain) he would recommend glasses.  M2 picked out a pair of cute mauve frames and is excited that the letters in her books won't be "too close together" any more.

We haven't seen too many people yet, but it's still early in the season.  It's been good to see the folks we have, and I'm looking forward to what happens next!

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