Sunday, January 20, 2013

Because It's Warm Today

It's in the 60s outside this weekend.  I sat outside in short sleeves, reading a book and listening to music, and didn't freeze.  The kids played outside for hours.  And when I walked around the house, I felt a tug.  And I knew... it was time to plant.

Obviously the weather isn't going to stay warm.  But I knew when we moved in that I wanted to have a healing/herb garden this spring.  I still haven't worked out how I'm going to have a vegetable garden since our back yard is so steeply sloped (I suspect I'll have to do some terracing and don't want to try to figure that one out/spend the cash to do it yet), but I can do herbs.  I planned out the garden spaces, ordered the seeds, and really hadn't planned to plant quite yet.  Still, yesterday I realized that if it takes a couple months for the plants to germinate and get big enough for transplanting, it's probably time.  Technically they say that April 1-15 is our planting time for outdoor plants, but I have a feeling that March will be better.  I go with my instincts when it comes to gardening, and in this drought and with the hot, hot summers we've had the last two years, I think earlier is better if I want any sort of yield.

So I planted the seeds, and now I wait.

The container on the left holds my aloe plants.  My poor, poor aloe plants have been through the wringer.  Originally I had a dozen little plants in that container, but the cat has dumped them out of various window ledges a couple of times.  I'm amazed that I still have two, and I'm hopeful that they will continue to grow.  If not, I guess I start over.

It may be January, and we could have snow again before all is said and done, but spring isn't too far away.  It'll be here before I know it!


Anonymous said...

Oooh, nice! Yes, follow your instincts. I think you'll do what's best.

One thing I will miss this year is gardening, but with the move, I can't do it.

I hope everything you plant this year grows, stays healthy, and gives you a nice harvest!

farmwifetwo said...

It was nearly 10C on Sat, it was nearly -10C on Sunday. It is suppose to be all of -7C today. Winter returned with very high winds, warnings, trees and limbs down and my recycling box well past those photos I have sent you into the plowed field.

My herb garden got buried in grass last fall. I can salvage it but it'll take a lot of digging come spring. I really need more garden time but I had the youngest home all summer last year for the first time and he decided to return to disappearing which made things a challenge.

Hopefully, I'll do better this year.

Beth said...

Ironically - I was JUST talking to C and my mom about herb garden stuff last night and how idea the large front porch would be for pot gardens.. I really want some nice thick basil, I miss pesto especially since I can't use premade, and basil is expensive if you buy it..