Monday, May 5, 2014

The Final Week

We're in the final week of school now.  We'll do a review week in July, but this is the last week I really have to go upstairs and do anything with the kids.  It's also their last 'interest week,' where they get to pick a topic and study it on their own.  Both kids have some grammar to finish, and I'm asking them both to keep working on math right up to the last day because that's something they'll lose if they don't use it, but they're just about done with everything else.

Except their play.  I really can't wait to see their play.  I'll take a video of that and post it after they perform it for us on Friday.

Anyway, because there's so little left to do, I have very little to do with them.  We went to the library today to pick up books and videos on their chosen topics - turtles/tortoises for Boo and venom/poison for Doodlebug - but once they finish grammar in a day or two, they'll be working entirely independently.  For the last two days of school, I will be utterly superfluous.  Right now, for instance, both kids are parked on the loveseat with Tom the Bearded Dragon, and they're watching a video on venom.  Boo is all curled up and totally disturbed, and Doodlebug and Tom are both watching with mouths agape.  Boo came to me a few minutes before the video started to tell me she's learned the difference between turtles and tortoises already.  They learn quickly.

I suppose, in many ways, it's a good thing that they can work so independently, that they don't need me.  I've said before that it's bugging me how quickly I've become so useless to them.  They only need me now to coordinate events with other parents, take them to and from things, and occasionally (OK, ALL THE FREAKING TIME) remind them to do this, that or the other.  Still, it's going to be an odd summer since I will be, more or less, superfluous.  I'll take them to the pool.  I'll set up sleepovers, and we'll go see friends.  We'll do things.  But I won't really be necessary.  OK, OK, I know that I really am necessary.  They can't organize things themselves quite yet, and they certainly can't drive.  But they can figure out things to do on their own.  They fix their own meals and have finally learned to write things on the shopping list if we need them.  They can do laundry and dishes, clean anything they can reach… if they could learn to do these things without being reminded, I really would be unnecessary around here.

It feels so odd to be ending this particular phase in my life.  I've taught Doodlebug for five years and Boo for two.  And I feel so completely and utterly lost now.  Before, even though I haven't had any personal goals, that was okay because my goals had to be on hold while I made the kids' education my priority.  Now, even though their education is still a priority, I'm handing over the reins and I'll have a few hours of peace and quiet each day.

This final week is messing with my head.  Even though I have three more months before I really have to worry about what to do with myself, I'm already mulling possibilities.  Instead of making early lesson plans, I have nothing.  Instead of setting up a potential schedule, I'm wondering when the 2014-2015 school calendar will be out.  It's a whole different life.  And I'm not sure I'm ready for it yet.

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