Friday, November 7, 2014


Today was a day of surprises.

Boo's school put on on a giant Veteran's Day program today.  They've been practicing for weeks, and Boo was quite upset that neither Oz nor I thought we would be able to come, especially since there were two performances - one at 10 in the morning, specifically geared toward veterans, with a free luncheon for veterans afterward; one at 1:45 in the afternoon for family members of the students.  We told her we would love for her to sing the songs for us afterward, but of course that's never the same as being there when your girl wants you… and she definitely wanted us there.

On Wednesday, however, upon returning to the main office from the satellite location I'd covered on Monday and Tuesday, I discovered that all but one of the doctors was going to be out this afternoon.  There were a grand total of eight patients slated between the hours of 11:30 and 5 p.m., and two of those were just coming in to pick up orthopedic hardware or have a cast change.  The rest of the doctors were going to be out, in surgery, or were going to a continuing-ed seminar about workers' compensation.

On Thursday I learned that the remaining doctor had bailed and rescheduled his patients and also that one of my coworkers, one of the ones who comes in at 6:30 a.m., was going to be working the seminar for the day and so wouldn't be in.

Since I already had an hour of overtime for the week, that meant if I came in at 6:30… and didn't take a lunch… I could leave at 1:30… and still have my 40 hours for the week… and could surprise my girl.

I worked it out with the rest of my team, and that is exactly what I did.

To make it even better, Oz's afternoon was quiet, and so he was able to attend the program as well.  When I walked into the gym, I spotted her facing away from me.  She was standing on some risers waiting for the program to start.  The look on her face when I tugged on her belt loop was priceless.  If she hadn't been so conscious of her height and weight being enough to topple me, I think she would have jumped straight down into my arms.  She performed beautifully during the program, and when we were walking back to her classroom afterward, I was very pleased to see that she is one of two students in her grade who has mastered multiplication and division and has moved on to fractions.

Good surprise(s).


After the program, I checked Boo out from her classroom and brought her home.  On the way, we discussed the fact that we would beat Doodlebug home, and I asked if she wanted to surprise/scare him since he wouldn't expect her to be there.  She loved the idea.  He scares her on a weekly basis, if not more often, and so I thought a taste of his own medicine might do the boy some good.

He came home and promptly scared the crap out of himself when he saw me parked on the couch.  Highstrung already.  He ran to the bathroom and took care of his school stuff and then decided he would try to negotiate for electronics by volunteering to do *HALF* of his chores.  Bless his ever-loving soul, he tried, but this mama ain't no fool.  I told him no cigar - entitled turd monkeys did not earn electronics by doing HALF their chores.  I reminded him, half listening to his protests in the meantime, that the rule has always been and shall remain that all chores must be done before rewards are given.

He did not like this.

He stormed upstairs.

The girl was waiting.

And she scared him.

And because he cannot for one instant control himself… he decked her.  Not once.  Not twice.


And then told me *I* was being unfair when I told him he had to write his sister an apology and clean her half of the game room.


"And how many times have you scared her over the years??"


"No.  How many times has she hit you after you scared her??"

"None.  BUT…!!!!!!"

"No!  No buts!!!  You. Hit. Your. Sister.  Not once, but three frikkin' times!  You need to apologize to her, IN WRITING because you're currently not allowed to talk to her, and then you need to GET YOUR CHORES DONE."

*stomp stomp stomp*

"And don't even THINK about asking for electronics sometime in the foreseeable future!!!"

Bad surprise.


Welcome to the weekend from the Land of Ups and Downs.  Pass the tequila.

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