Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Decorating, Act the Second

My Christmas Elf prompted Oz to get up and around this morning so we could finish our decorating today. The first order of business was to find the rest of the decorations. Oz was quite sure that he had gotten everything out until I started listing off all the missing decorations.

Another trip to the attic in the garage showed that these boxes had gotten shoved back into the nether regions of the attic where we don't often get.

I appreciate the great lengths that Oz went to for my decorating efforts.
Like funding my trips to Yankee Candle. Like bookstores and craft stores, candle stores are a place I should never be trusted.

So we got the lights up. It's a pre-lit tree, but we always add a couple strands of colored lights as well. Each strand has its own flashing pattern, so it's a very twinkly tree by the time we're done.

We also add a strand of red beads. These beads have survived several moves and were one of the first decorations that Oz and I purchased for ourselves when we were first married.

They have history.
Then M1 and M2 broke into their boxes and started hanging their decorations. They're both getting so big now that it's hard to convince them that they DO, in fact, have to hang things near the bottom of the tree. They want to hang everything right up at the top. If it was up to them, there'd be one ring of ornaments about 2/3 of the way up the tree and none anywhere else.

I also had to convince them that some ornaments have to go around the back.

It does always come out looking good in the end. This was immediately after it was finished. It won't look like this tomorrow, I can assure you. How do I know? See that black blob underneath the tree? That'd be a kitten. Specifically, it'd be a kitten that thinks trees are for climbing and sleeping in and ornaments are for batting around and chewing on.

The tree cannot survive Onslaught of Kitten.

It was M2's year to put the star on the top of the tree. This star is a survivor of many years as well, and it's the only ornament that Oz really cares about. He picked it, and he likes it a lot.

After the star went up, the stockings got hung. Stockings are always the very last Christmas decoration to go up, and the kids can't wait to write their wish lists for Santa this year.

They grow so fast! I remember when they couldn't write at all! Soon they'll be too big to write letters. Time to hold on to them as tightly as possible!

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