Sunday, December 13, 2009


If only they were real! I haven't seen a single snowflake in real life this year, and it's driving me batty. Usually we get at least one good snow before Christmas, but we got nuttin'. El Paso, Texas? Snow. Southern Houston? Snow. Northeastern Oklahoma? Zilch.

Grr. I need snow to do some good ol'-fashioned cat tossing! It's a tradition here - all cats get tossed into the first snow of the season. It would be cruel if we didn't gather them right back up and haul them back in for treats.

But anyway... snowflakes.

Oz is in charge of snowflake making. M2 still needs help, but M1 is pretty self-sufficient. We hang them all on the wall and add to the collection each year.

Oz always starts by reminding the kids of the 'rules' - don't cut the sides off, and make small cuts.

M2 had help from Mama to make hers - she'd make the first cut, and I'd finish whatever shape she wanted.

M1 slaved for ages on his. It did come out very well in the end, clever little booger.

Even Oz made a couple.

If even half of these traditions get passed along to my children's children someday, I'll be a proud woman!

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Anonymous said...

Haha I thought I was the only one who did the cat tossing tradition. Now that we live in southern California though, it's a tradition that's been on hiatus for a while.