Friday, December 4, 2009

Counting down to Christmas

Every year, we make a Christmas chain. The kids LOVE it. It is definitely their favorite holiday tradition, and they start asking right after Halloween when we'll be making the chain. Of course, we have to wait until the beginning of December, but they get SO excited when they see me break out the red and green paper.
It's a long chain. But that's not why the kids love it. The kids love it for what's written on the chain.

Things like "Enact the Nativity story."

"Do a sneaky nice thing for someone."

"Go lightseeing."

"Make Christmas cookies."

"Read a Christmas story."

"Sing your favorite Christmas carol."

Each morning, when we get up, M2 tears off the day's ring and M1 reads what it says. Today's was "Light the Christmas candles," where we go around the house and light alllll the Christmas candles. The kids love racing from one to the next, smelling them over and over again, and exclaiming over the beauty of each one.

Did I mention that these memories are going to be some of my favorites as well?

I love the Christmas chain...

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