Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Decorating, Act the First

I love decorating, and despite the fact that my favorite holiday is Halloween, I still have more decorations for Christmas.

Some decorations are new.

Some of them I'll leave up all winter.

Some of them I've had for ages and use every year because I love them!

Christmas decorating is a family event around here. Sometimes Oz can be a bit of a Scrooge about it, though, saying that it's 'my' job to do that.

Well, bah humbug to Scrooge! The kids love it, too. They love to race around the house like lunatics while I'm trying to hang stuff on doorways and dig candles out of the drawer. They love to fight over who gets to carry what items into the living room to be set out in random fashion on the floor so I can trip over it when I'm carrying in the next thing. They love to dance and prance around to the holiday music that I always put on while I'm decorating, which freaks out the cats and makes them run rampant around my feet, occasionally sticking a claw into my foot as they make the 90-degree turn around the corner into the hall at 90 mph. I have the perforations to prove it.

Most of all, though, my kids love being kids, and they love to help.
They especially love our toy Nativity set. I have a porcelain one, but with two kittens rampaging around the house like miniature bulls in a Christmas-y china shop, I figured it was safer to leave that in the attic this year.

The kids have very unique ideas about how the Nativity should be set up. M1 likes everything in an orderly fashion - all wise men together, all shepherds together, Mary and Joseph contentedly sittin in the stable - while M2 likes things to fit her fantasy of how things are, and that can change every five minutes.

This was the compromise that was finally reached. No, I'm not sure why Mary is in the manger, but I can assure you that it's M2's doing. I think that maybe the angel is playing the part of midwife in this little scenario and Joseph is pacing around outside the barn waiting for word while the wise men and shepherds are being the relatives with gifts to give the new mom and baby.

But that's just a theory.

This is MOST of our lights this year. For years, all we've had has been the lights on our roof, and it took a lot of finagling to get Oz to even put that up. Last year, we had no lights up at all, which made me sad in a slightly morose and grumpy way. This year, Oz finally bowed to the inevitable and realized that he pretty much does have to do the lights to keep me happy and NOT morose and grumpy, and he figured if he's sentenced to do this, he might as well make it look good. This still isn't done. We're going to put up some green lights this coming weekend. I'll take another picture then!

Thank you, dear. I promise not to be morose and grumpy about the lights this year. Now... anything else is still fair game!
This picture has nothing to do with Christmas other than I took it the same night that we decorated the house. I just like it. I just wish it had brought snow rather than rain!

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