Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas lightseeing!

One more thing that we do every year is visit the lights at Rhema. There are millions of them, some set to music, all gorgeous. They work for months setting these up and testing them, all for the Christmas season. They light 'em up right at Thanksgiving. They're gorgeous, and it's all done by folks at the school for no profit! Absolutely wonderful.

We try to go every year. Some years it doesn't happen, but most years it does.

Usually we go with my in-laws, and this year was no exception.

There was supposed to be a violin recital for M2 before we visited tonight, but that got cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, so we went early - and even then, it was still frigid!

In addition to the parts you can walk through, there are also parts that run alongside the driveways that run around the campus, bits like the Nativity or a representation of Noah's Ark. I didn't get decent pictures of those, though. Hard to take photos with six people in a moving vehicle.

Still, it's a gorgeous place, and I hope my children are one day able to bring their children.

Traditions should last.

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