Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Snow fun - because we need more of that

We got two more inches of snow last night - just what we REALLY needed. Kind of like a swift kick in the backside after a tough workout with a nasty Hessian trainer.

The upside of this new snow was that it was the wet kind. The kind that's good for things like snowball fights and snowmen.

So we all bundled up and headed outside so M1 could attempt to prove his 7-year-old manliness to Oz.

RUN, boy, RUN!

Needless to say, M1 has a long way to go before he's besting Daddy at snowball wars.

M2 wanted to build a snowman. I tried to help, but I have a small problem called Chronically Cold Hands, and when you combine Chronically Cold Hands with No Decent Gloves, you get a serious case of Painfully Red Fingers in No Time Flat. So I went inside to thaw out my hands and Oz took over snowman duty. Ain't he wonderful?
M2 supervised the entire process. She's good at supervising. It skeers me a little sometimes, because she's so good at supervising that she has, on many an occasion, conned her brother and/or other kids in her class into doing her chores/classwork for her.

The unskeered part of me is proud as punch.
"See? I'm watching the snow lady while Daddy goes to get eyes!"

And for those of you wondering where my daughter's eyes actually are, they're behind her hair. One day I'll figure out how to keep her sheepdog tendencies under control while she's wearing a coat with a hood. It bugs me, too.
Sheepdog Girl and Daddy with their be-yew-ti-ful snow lady.

And what was M1 doing while M2 and Oz were working?

Why, he had been inspired to build his own snowman, of course. Never mind that he'd said he didn't want to build a snowman not 10 minutes before. Once his sister had one, he had to have one, too.
Pretty ingenious if you ask me. He got his own picture with his own snowman AND managed to figure out a way not to have to wear gloves. Clearly, he does not have Chronically Cold Hands.

Now... while we were outside... the cats started clammering at the door.

And even though we'd already had one proper Cat Toss this season, I figured if they were ASKING for it... was only sporting to give them what they asked for, right? Hermes, by the way, did not actually appreciate another sojourn into the snow. Neither did Vixen.

Tempest, on the other hand, who tossed herself into the snow last time, got tossed properly this time and then jaunted across the yard just to show what a total Queen Cat she is, got halfway to her favorite scratching tree, stopped, realized that her paws were now in fact Chronically Cold and also very wet, started shaking them, and then came over to be brought back into the safe, warm house.

It's good to know that there are other species who appreciate a warm house as much as I do!

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Jana said...

I miss snow so badly. I am going to have to drive north sometime this year with the kids. Just so they can play !