Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Endodontist

M1 and I went to the endodontist today.

The good news: The tooth won't have to be pulled (at least not right away, if ever).

The bad news: Boy has funky teeth.

The funky news: A little past medical history is in order first. I am missing teeth. My mother is missing teeth. She has a cousin who is missing a TON of teeth. We're all girls. Specifically, all of us are missing our lateral incisors on the top. Those are the little flat ones right next to the big middle teeth. My mother never had her baby teeth OR her adult teeth there. I had baby teeth but no adult teeth. I'm also completely missing my top two wisdom teeth, but that's irrelevant to this blog post, so we'll get back to that another day.

My boy did wonderfully. We got to the endodontist's office, filled out the paperwork, and he got ushered back to a chair. He parked his carcass and waited, and the front office girl/technician came in and took a couple of x-rays. She stared at them and asked if we were 100% sure this was an adult tooth we were talking about.

No, no we weren't.

She stared at it again, went to the endodontist, came back, and shot a couple more x-rays of the space where his other lateral incisor should be (he lost it a few months ago). Pause, stare, consult. She came back in and told us the endodontist should be right with us.


The endodontist came in, stared at the photos, and said she was pretty sure that the tooth that was having the resorption issue was a baby tooth and showed me why on the x-rays (it had to do with the roots being fully developed instead of still growing like his obviously-adult front teeth were).

It was about that time that the light went on inside my head, and I asked, "Could he be missing that tooth?? Because I am."

I saw the matching light over her head as well. It all instantly made sense to her.

Here's what we have: The boy is totally missing his left lateral incisor. It simply isn't there. If he's lucky, then his canine tooth, which is HUGE on the x-ray, should go ahead and shove out this lateral that's just resorbing in an odd way because there's really nothing above it to give it the proper shove. If he's not lucky, then the tooth will have to be removed, but I'm not too worried about that right now. Que sera sera and all that... that's a plain ol' dental issue in my mind. The issue is that on the right side, where he's lost his lateral incisor, there IS a tooth bud up in the gums that looks like it's supposed to BE a lateral incisor. But there's no root, and between his canine and his big, honking front tooth, there's not much space for it. So we don't know what this thing is going to do, whether it's going to develop a root and come down (which would look funky if he had a lateral incisor on one side and not on the other) or resorb or just sit there and maybe have to be surgically removed one day. Hence the orthodontist visit potential.

Funky teeth, I tellz ya. At least we're out of there and can play the wait-and-see game for the next six months. Yay for procrastination!


Mom on the Verge said...

Okay, you get a big "oy vey!" for the endodontist. Thank God that's over with for six more months.

BTW, what does one do without lateral incisors? Simply have four teeth across the front instead of six?

Sarah said...

Yup! I have a gap between my two front teeth, a la Madonna but WAY less glamorous because I'm not famous, and M1 has a gap, too. My mother doesn't have a gap, but she has a much smaller mouth. They kind of shaved down my canines to make them a bit flatter because when they were new and uber-pointy, I had kind of a whole Vlad Dracul look going on. ;)