Monday, November 8, 2010

Thanks and Other Stuff

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I did, except for the part at the end where the time change screwed with my head and made me feel like I was coming down with something. At least, I'm blaming the time change because I'm still a bit off today and refuse to believe that I might be coming down with a cold, and it makes perfect sense to me that setting my actual clock back an hour could mess with my internal clock as well.

The chickens, of course, know no difference between now and two days ago, because for them bedtime is sundown, but it's highly inconvenient for me because LAST week I could take out dinner scraps - carrot and potato peelings, random bits of veggies, eggshells, etc. - but this week, they're in bed by the time I get around to making supper, and there's nothing that'll attract members of the rodent family to my house like food scraps lying around the yard saying, "Eeeeeeat meeeeee."

And I've already stepped on mouse entrails in my house once this year. I do not need a repeat experience.


(By the way, anyone local need/want eggs? Locally grown! Free range, if you consider my back yard free range. They're not technically organic, but heck, it's $2/dozen + a carton... any takers, let me know. I have almost five dozen eggs in my fridge.)

OK, didn't mean to digress down the chicken trail.

What I really wanted to say was thank you all who read and responded to the weird little post about my NaNoWriMo excerpt. I appreciate the feedback. You guys are wonderful.

And that is all. Keeping it short tonight. My brain is in a fog.

Stupid time change.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah!

Yah...busted... I always read your blog (I like it a lot) and now I would love some eggs! Are you going to the big meetup Friday?