Monday, November 15, 2010

Karma. Not My Friend.

I whined this morning. Now I feel like crap.

No, really, my throat started feeling funky about 1 this afternoon. By 3 p.m., when I went to pick M2 up from school, I was seriously glad that I'd done the grocery (and shoelace) shopping this morning. By 4 p.m., I was wondering how early I could get into bed and get away with it, and various parts of my body were starting to ache. By 5 p.m., I'd taken my temperature twice and was getting quite irritated at the thermometer that didn't believe that I felt like crap and kept saying 98.6, which is actually a .2-degree fever for me, but even that seemed low, especially since I was freezing. I thought about not making supper but decided that even a sickie mom could manage French onion soup, so I made that but couldn't stomach the salty smell and passed on actually consuming it.

Oz insisted that I take a shower - he brought me my pajamas, robe, and Ugg boots (that I only wear around my house, thank you very much) and seriously insisted - and is now making me apple cider pancakes for dinner because A) he's wonderful and B) the leftover batter will keep for breakfast in the morning.

Anyway, because I'm hurting, I need something to make me smile.

Here are some tidbits from my slightly insane high-school past that make me giggle.

1. One of my best friends was nicknamed Flexichu. Her birthday is tomorrow. Happy Birthday, Dear!! (Yes, our friends were a tad obsessed with corrupting Pokemon. I had a completely um... special... nickname that I will not be sharing. Yet. Give it a few years.)

2. I had a friend who had a car nicknamed the Moochmobile. The floor of the car was rusted out so badly that if you didn't know how to get in the car just the right way, your leg would go through the carpet and hit pavement.

3. Back when Surge was a very popular highly caffeinated beverage, a friend of mine would hand me a 2-liter, he'd keep one (or more) for himself, and we'd chug the pop (yes, it's pop here, not soda or Coke) as fast as humanly possible. We usually did this in the school bus on the way to football games. We were total band nerds. By the time we reached our destination, we were so hopped up on caffeine, we didn't sit still for the next five hours.

4. I also took blue hair mascara on these trips. There are photos.

5. I also have photos of Flexichu with carrots behind her ears and mini chocolate donuts around her eyes in the school cafeteria. The carrots look rather elven. The donuts were just fun. Yes, we played with our food. We once got in a Jell-O fight with the table next to us. Rumor has it that it took them several years to get it off the ceiling, since said ceiling was probably a good 20-30 feet up.

6. We band nerds also met up at various houses on Friday nights after the home football games. One night we watched "Night of the Living Dead." Hilarious movie. Less hilarious was the fact that the boys snuck out at one point and scared the crap out of us. I'm able to laugh now.

There. I feel a lot better. Memories are therapeutic. Share one of your favorite memories! I'm always up for a good laugh, especially since the kids have dentist appointments tomorrow.

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