Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Story of Tom

My boy hates writing. He has tons of difficulty with it thanks to a significant lack of motor skills.

Or maybe I should say "HATED" and "HAD."

We use a writing program called Writing Strands every other week. On the 'off' weeks, we do basic writing instruction with a simpler curriculum that involves some copy work and simple practice of writing, making the shapes of the letters properly, going over punctuation and capitalization, etc. Since he still occasionally flips letters and is still learning the rules for the other stuff, it works out. But he really likes Writing Strands.

This week, the goal was to write a story. An entire story. He freaked out when he first heard the assignment because OMG lots of words means OMG lots of writing means OMG flip out NOW NOW NOW. Thankfully the book gave lots of parameters when it came to this story. For some kids, that might be too restrictive; for my boy, it eased a lot of the "What am I going to write about???" anxiety. It was perfect. He spent the first day brainstorming about exactly how the story should go. He answered questions about his potential story on the second day and ironed out the kinks in his mind. On the third and fourth days, he wrote and illustrated his story. It is his masterpiece. He's incredibly proud of it, and I'm incredibly proud of him, too.

I now humbly present to you "The Story of Tom," as read by its author. Please enjoy.


Brilliant Creations said...

What a wonderful story!! We thoroughly enjoyed it!! Love the humorous ending! Bravo!

Anonymous said...

He is so darned cute! I just wanna smoosh his cheeks :D I'm very proud of him, it's not easy to make up a story with illustrations and everything!

Learning 4 Life said...

That was precious! What a great story to share with family over Thanksgiving dinner :-)
Bravo, Michael!!!!