Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My To-Do List

Things I need to do, in no particular order and on no particular day, just stuff that needs doing soon-ish:

1. Get Oz to dump the entire contents of the attic into my house (well, except for the Halloween stuff) to the point that my living room looks like the North Pole threw up. The dining room won't be far behind. And then the cats and children will dismantle it all.

2. Ponder seating in the living room and debate the merits of having two single chairs versus a loveseat, especially when a bookshelf is factored in. A reading nook sounds uber-cozy. Unfortunately, they don't make living-room-safe fire pits.

3. Buy unscented bath soap for the children. I don't know how it works, but M1 and M2 can both go take a bath or shower, and yet M1 will come out hardly smelling of anything and M2 will come out smelling so strong that it actually gives me a migraine. I suspect the boy may not be using soap, and I suspect the girl may be OD-ing a bit. Happy medium, there is not.

4. Ask myself whether it's worth the money and effort to try to find a Christmas dress for the girl who will only wear it once. Right now I'm leaning toward no. In fact, if I leaned just the tiniest oonch more, I'm pretty sure I'd fall off the fence. I just have to procrastinate enough that OOPSY, we're out of time. Crimes of omission are the best.

5. Buy tickets to go see a local children's ballet performance of the Nutcracker. We have a couple of friends who are performing.

6. Pray that if it does snow next week that it'll snow enough to cancel school. There's nothing good about snow AND school at the same time. It's just an awful combo, and I'm not even talking about the roads.

7. Try to find side-dish recipes that I can fix for Christmas Eve lunch for my mom, sister and brother-in-law, and grandmother. And my family. No gluten, no nightshades, no bananas... and I'm not sure what else. I need to get a list.

Amazing how December gets away from me before it even starts!


Mom on the Verge said...

There ought to be a place to rent those dresses, along with the appropriate shoes. Seriously. Because if you spend more than $30 on the darned thing, she WILL be sick at Christmas and no one will wear it. Maybe eBay?

Maybe you have a "rinsing" issue with the showers? That would explain the soap stink.

"Like the North Pole threw up"? Sometimes I have nightmares like that! ;)

Sarah said...

Dress rental would be awesome. She won't be sick on it; she'll just get a stain in it that will never, ever come out. It's what she does. There are days I make her come to dinner without a shirt.

The boy said that when he went in for his shower, the tub looked like a *bubble bath* had been in it. Apparently she thinks soap is for bubbles. We must chat.

And the North Pole did throw up. Except for my stint of Grinchiness, it looks lovely.