Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Morning Rant

Sooooooo I'm annoyed. It happens. I'll get over it. It's a piddly thing in the grand scheme of things, this issue, and I am perfectly aware that I'm being petty about it, but I feel like sharing, so you get to wallow in annoyment with me.

There. How was that for a run-on sentence??

M2 has a pair of sneakers. She's had them since early summer, if I remember correctly. They are pink and white, and they came with bright pink shoelaces.

Bright pink shoelaces are against school uniform code, so before school started, I had to find her a pair of white shoelaces. The only pair I could find were for adult shoes, so they were long, but I figured if they became an issue, someone would tell me.

Nobody said a word.

For THREE AND A HALF MONTHS, since the very first week of August when school started, nobody has said a word.


M2 or I tie the shoes in double knots every morning (she can tie her own shoes quite well), and they come home double-knotted every afternoon. Nobody ever said a word. At the beginning of the school year, M2 would say that they had come untied and she had to have help tying them once in a while, but I hadn't heard about that for a while, so I assumed she was just doing it all on her own.

This morning, I got an e-mail from her PE teacher. She was polite about it, but the gist of the e-mail was that she's tired of retying M2's shoes during PE (apparently she has to do this several times per class) and could I please buy some Velcro shoes or shorter laces?

So I'm annoyed. I could care less about buying new laces, assuming I can find them in M2's length, because it'll cost me a buck, two at the most. I'm not buying Velcro shoes because A) they're Velcro, B) finding Velcro shoes in M2's size is tough, and C) cost of laces vs. cost of new shoes, though it's really not about the cost, either. It's also really not even the inconvenience, because there's a shoe store next to the grocery store that I frequent and if there aren't shoelaces of the proper length and color there, I'm sure I'll get to Wal-Mart or Target eventually.

I'm just annoyed that nobody said a word for 3-1/2 months.

On that note, I would like to issue the following public service announcement: IF you happen to have an issue with me, and if you feel that it is eventually going to worm its way up to your mouth and spew out as word vomit in my general direction, please just get it out of your system now. We'll all feel better about it. And I won't have to be annoyed that you kept stuff hidden from me for 3-1/2 months.

Thank you. Have a great Monday!

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