Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More Fun With My Son

How My Boy's Mind Works, Vol. 32568:

Picture it. M1 and I are in the van today, getting him a haircut, grocery shopping, and going to the bank, and he suddenly announces out of the blue, "St. Nicholas."


"St. Nicholas?" I query suspiciously.

"Yes. St. Nicholas is Santa Claus, right?"

Oh God.


"Well, St. Nicholas was alive a LONG time ago. He should be dead.


"But if he's Santa Claus, that means he's still alive.


"But if he's still alive, then he can't be a saint."

"Right...," I respond cautiously.


The End.

No, really, that was all. He never did press further. But I strongly suspect this is the last year that Santa exists in his world. It's hard to watch him grow, but dang, the logic is amazing.


Mom on the Verge said...

Oops. Jig's up, Mama! (Might be time to get him in on the conspiracy to dupe the younger ones...)

Brilliant Creations said...

He really does have a fascinating mind. He is so intelligent!

Sarah said...

GAH, if only it was that easy! The problem is if I tell him that Santa isn't "real," there is no way he'll manage to keep it a secret. Just won't happen. Must. Keep. Secret.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that. Neither of my kids have ever believed thanks to their dad. After the divorce I tried to convince them, but they both think extremely logically and just could not be convinced :( I did convince them to keep their traps shut around their friends though. You could do what my aunt did to my cousin! "When you stop believing in Santa, he stops coming" "I BELIEVE!!!!!" LOL

Learning 4 Life said...

He's a funny and smart little guy, isn't he?!?!?!