Thursday, July 2, 2009

Short garden update

So I went out today and worked in the garden. I learned a few things:
1. The worm I found last night on the bottom of a tomato leaf was, in fact, the bugger that had been eating some of my Romas. He has been duly dealt with.
2. My garden needs a good, deep watering. Some of the leaves aren't happy. This means getting up at 6:30 a.m. so it can dry before it gets hot.
3. Herbs are very hardy. The fact that I can't grow them in a pot simply means I can't grow things in a pot. It's got nothing to do with the plant.

When they're hardy, they grow.

And grow.

And grow again.

And when you ignore it for a while in the hopes that your tomatoes are going to be ripe at the same time the plant is ready, you wind up with a lot of herbs. And when you cut the herbs for drying, you have to have somewhere to put them.

So this is the interior of my hall closet right now. There are two hanger rods on either side of the closet, so I took some string and created 'clotheslines' and hung the basil from them. The closet is very, very full of basil.

Then there are the other herbs that we've been growing - marjoram, thyme, and rosemary. This is the marjoram that you can see here, but I nested them in paper towels and placed them on top of the makeshift clotheslines. This should let everything dry uniformly and keep it out of the kitchen!

This is the result of my Cherokee purple plant! The little tomato at the bottom is a typical-sized vine tomato from the grocery store, so you can see that the Cherokee is a huge tomato. This one was cracked but was still absolutely delicious when I put those slices on a BLT. Of course, I had to have some fresh, too.

Fresh tomatoes... now the rest of them just need to get ripe!

As the okra continues to ripen, look for gumbo coming soon...

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