Sunday, July 25, 2010

Because I Like to Blog

Posts that I plan to have upcoming this week (assuming all goes well and the world doesn't implode):

1. Homemade (liquid) laundry detergent. It's currently sitting on my stove thickening overnight. I'll finish it off tomorrow, take a few photos, and see how it actually works in action.

2. Blueberry sky pie and other recipes. I'm on a food kick. And Oz is going out of town this week, so I can make moussaka! *drool*

3. M1's science experiment and observations. Let's just say it involves fish, bugs, and death. He will be supplying the photography.

4. Probably an update on the girl's fits and boy's foot, scheduling for fall, and thoughts on the fact that school starts 11 days from now. O_o

1 comment:

Mom on the Verge said...

Looking forward to it!

I've been on a house painting binge, but there's nothing exciting or terribly creative there. Thanks for letting us live vicariously...