Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Fourth

I would love to tell you about our 4th of July party. I'd love to tell you that everyone showed up, it was a perfect day, and everyone went home happy. Most of that is true. I *think* everyone had a good time. The problem? It DID rain. Right about 8 o'clock it started to drizzle and kept it up for a little over an hour. The womenfolk had already decided we weren't going to wait on water to pour on the food, so we'd already moved all the tables into the garage, and we all kept hoping against hope that the radar was wrong and nothing was actually going to fall from the sky except for spent fireworks shells.

Le sigh.

Before that, though, we did have a great time.

Oz and I had spent about 30 minutes earlier in the day blowing up water balloons so the kids could spend 5 minutes throwing them at each other. They all but climbed INTO the trash can (clean... we usually use it to hold bags of chicken bedding, i.e. pine shavings) to get to the balloons.

They did get a thrill out of bombarding each other, even though most of them bounced off skin and burst in the grass. Even Oz, who is a big kid himself, liked getting a little bit soaked before he went on grill duty.

The girls initially had control of the pool, but eventually the boys took over and refused to get out until they resembled something like really, really, REALLY wrinkly prunes. Even that didn't stop one little boy. It took draining the pool altogether to get him out.

No, these girls aren't sisters. The little girl on the left, though, absolutely fell in love with the Michelin baby girl on the right (who was busy turning 7 months old at the time) and was SO sweet and gentle to her. It was cute.

This is the same sweet girl getting ready for the fireworks display while we were all huddled in the garage with the food and drinks waiting out most of the rain.

The boys and some of the bigger girls waited out the rain in the house. The boys commandeered the Wii and played Mario Kart against one another, attempting to see who could lose the best. OK, not entirely true. They were trying to win... but for two of them, it just wasn't happening. The third boy (not mine) did really well and actually won a race or two.

Here's Oz getting his gear together to go set off fireworks. The sombrero belongs to my boy, who had a concept plan that it would act as an umbrella and keep the rain off of him. He doesn't like rain. Loves sprinklers, hates rain. It's like the dogs who love to eat the water out of the hose but hate baths. Go figure.

A few minutes into the fireworks show, the rain finally stopped,

and we got to watch the men play Pyromaniacs R' Us with all the fireworks. Except for the shell that blew up inside the tube, which was scary to all the adults and cool to all the kids, everything went without a hitch.

Did we have fun? I think so, although really her eyes are shut because she's about 3/4 of the way to sleep in the chair.

Not in the mood for witticisms and sarcasm today because I have a girl who's gone subhuman and isn't speaking or doing anything other than climbing on me and beating me up, but seriously, I hope everyone had a good Independence Day. Long live freedom!

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