Friday, July 30, 2010

New Perspective

A while back, my son bought a digital camera with some money he'd received as gifts from relatives. He's been highly pleased with it and loves to take photos. Lately he's also learned to shoot videos and is even more excited.

He's taken literally hundreds of photos since he got the camera. Some - OK, many - of them are blurry, out of focus, etc., just like any other beginner photographer. Some of them are average. And a few of them I just love.

His favorite subject is cats. Not really a difficult subject to shoot considering that we have six of them. This one is his cat Hermes.

Clearly he loves getting down on the perspective of the animals. Many of his photos are shot from the floor. A few were shot while standing on his bed. I had to giggle when I realized that, but he's at least mastering two vital aspects of photography that I'm still trying to figure out!

This is a shot of one of his best friends. Seven-year-old boys are so vibrant!

My last favorite shot is one of girl cats, Tempest. I love how her face is shaped. He captured her very well and managed to get a well-lit photo! That's also a tough one!

Finally, I offer a montage of videos he took of himself over a few weeks. He is a hoot, and Oz and I laugh riotously whenever we see these. I'm sure in 10 years he'll kill me for him, but hopefully the little bit at the end is enough to remind him that he really loves me. He is an awesome kid, and I'm so glad to have him, and I can't wait till he discovers more about photography and cameras in general! Experimenters unite!

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