Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sweet surprise

I was downloading photos off my camera when I found these gems. I didn't take them; M2 did. She discovered my camera in one of her moods the other day and took a ton of photos, but I had forgotten she had taken them. Not all of them were this good, of course, but given that it was her first time to successfully operate a camera, I think she did well.

Kuro, Moose Cat Extraordinaire, sitting next to my bestickered laptop and ubiquitous mug. I don't go anywhere without that mug.

Me, trying to look nonchalant and failing miserably. I love how she caught my wrinkly neck and hair that desperately needs to be washed and TOTAL lack of make-up. Honesty in photography right there. Vogue should take a hint.

Oz in his hugely tall glory. He's laughing at his girly-wirly who was so excited about taking photos.

The only canning photo I got. Those peaches (and one bonus nectarine) were delicious. Note the giant pile of tomatoes in the background along with the ones on the windowsill still ripening. Ignore the dirty dishes in the sink.

My spice rack, or at least one shelf of it. I don't know what it is about this rack, but both of my kiddos love taking pictures of it. One day I'll get all the photos off of M1's camera and share some of them, too. He's only got about 400 on there to go through.

Time to go close up the chicken coop!

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