Friday, July 2, 2010

The rest of yesterday

While I was canning everything in sight yesterday, you may well wonder what I did with my children. It's not like I can just lock them in their rooms and leave them there for a whole day. That idea just scares me because I don't want to know what would happen behind those closed doors, and I really wouldn't want to open the doors and find out. Plus, I imagine the Powers That Be frown upon children being neglected in their rooms for an entire day while their mother sings variations on "Battle Hymn of the Republic" in the kitchen while stuffing sliced cucumbers into jars and dumping boiling vinegar over them.

Don't ask.

Anyway, so I didn't just leave them in their rooms. Besides anything else, they had their last swimming lessons at 10:30. Oz had taken the day (and today) off to get ready for Sunday's bash, so I designated him the Keeper of the Children for the day, and he took them to their swimming lessons. By the time they got home after lessons, lunch, and errands, they were beyond excited. First, M1 had been told that he gets to stay in Level 3 this fall when he starts lessons again during the school year. Since he was technically only supposed to be in Advanced Level 2, this is exciting. He's very happy to get to "skip" a level (and, quite frankly, so is my bank account).

M2 was the bigger surprise. In two weeks - eight days - of lessons, she completed all of Level 1!! For a girl who wouldn't let water get in her ears a few weeks ago, this is a massive step forward. Of course, there's a down side. When the woman running the program was talking to Oz about M2, she said, "You'll have to watch her, though. She thinks she's invincible."

Well, yes. That much we already knew. Good to know other people see it, too. Very reassuring.

Oz did bring them home, as mentioned, with their progress cards and the photos he was apparently suckered into buying, and the kids played for a while so I could finish up what I was doing in the kitchen. They did rest for a while, too, because both of them had been promised that they could stay up late for Very Special Evenings.

M1 got to go to his first baseball game last night. Apparently he had a BLAST. Oz took him, and they also took my mother-in-law and my youngest brother-in-law. That meant there were three adults to entertain Aspie boy. It's a good ratio. He also consumed everything he could talk Daddy into - I believe this consisted of two glasses of pop, nachos, a Sno-cone, and Dippin' Dots. His favorite thing? The nachos. Like mother, like son. When they got back to the house around 11 p.m., the first words I heard from the boy weren't, "I loved the game, Mom, and our team won!" No, that would be way too predictable. His first words to me were, "Mom, you were right. Stadium nachos are the best." I love raising a foodie, even if he does have to have a little fake cheese now and then to make his world a better place. Our team did win, though, 6-2, and there were several home runs which of course makes it even better. Oh, and it wasn't 9000 degrees outside, which meant sitting outdoors for hours was something that could be accomplished without complaining.

He had enough adrenaline pumping that when Oz and I finally headed to bed about 12:30 a.m., he was still reading in his room. I confiscated the lamp, and he was sacked out cold within 20 minutes. I know because I accidentally closed a cat in his room and the scratching on the door brought me back down the hall 20 minutes after the aforementioned lamp confiscation.

M2 had her own special evening. My friend Mary came over and brought her sewing kit so that she could teach M2 how to sew, because M2 had spent the last two days attempting to make a pillow with fabric scraps, paper, and a stapler. The fabric scraps came from my mother who is one tiny little hop-step away from the show "Hoarders" and who decided to give some of her beloved scraps to my daughter so she could start her own collection. Luckily M2 doesn't develop emotional attachments to fabric and has cut apart several pieces for various uses. She's got a few pieces left that could make very nice items, though, and Mary had agreed to help M2 sew a pillow because I am challenged (and left-handed) when it comes to sewing. Cross-stitch? Sure! Sewing? Oh heck no. And Mary has the patience of a saint.

Here's a short little video of her starting to teach M2 how to sew. She had already explained how to thread a needle (and given M2 a tapestry needle to practice on, which M2 got down pat first try) and how much thread to use and about pincushions and fabric shears, so now it was time to sit down and actually sew. This was on some practice fabric, but M2 actually did make her own little pillow. She got it about 3/4 done last night and finished it up today and has been carrying it around with her everywhere. She even wanted to bring it outside while we were working today. I told her it would be much safer indoors. She's a little seamstress in the making. She really is my sister in miniature. It's kinda scary. Anyway, here's the video:

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