Friday, July 23, 2010

When the boy's away, the girl will play

The boy went to camp this week.

It was a YMCA camp called 1/2 & 1/2, so they spend two days at the day camp and then climb on a bus early Wednesday morning and go out to the camp till Friday afternoon. My boy has been away from me overnight plenty of times but always with a relative and never with a fractured foot, soooooo... I was a tad nervous.

He wasn't!

He had a blast and got to go hiking and inner-tubing and swimming and horseback riding and is covered in scratches and bruises and will probably sleep till about 10 tomorrow morning (OK, so 7 if I'm lucky). I'm sure he'll go back next year.

And so the girl wanted to know what *SHE* got to do special because her brother was away at camp and could we play tea party, please?

So I happily decided that instead of plastic and pretend, why not have real tea instead? I found this china teacup at a local antique store and got it for the girl a few months ago to replace a different cup and saucer that had been broken. The pattern, if you're interested, is Schumann's Dresden Flower pattern "Empress."

She loved the idea of having a real tea with mama using her real china cup. She selected a mint herbal tea and I fixed her a bagel, cucumber slices, and grapes and broke out the china plates, too. She didn't wind up caring for the tea, even with sugar, but she thought it was so neat to have tea with mama just like the grown-up teas that I host once or twice a year.

Then she wanted to play Princess. Since she couldn't decide on just one color for her fingers or toes, I let her pick two. Each. And I curled her hair (which totally didn't stay curled even long enough for me to spray it, thanks to the humidity) and let her put on a dress. She even got to pick where we took her out for dinner and brought a purse with a fake cell phone that she kept answering. Parental guilt ran deep about that one, but it was cute. By the end of dinner, her new name was Princess Pygmalion Pickle Purse.

Now brother is back home and all will get back to normal. It's been a hectic couple of weeks, but it's been fun!

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