Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oops, I did it again

This post could also be entitled "My Weekend in a Nutshell," but what fun is that? Much more fun to gank the title of a once-popular song by a once-popular singer.

Speed Bump would like to acknowledge that everyone in the house is a little bit cuckoo to begin with. Nothin' like taking a picture of a male dog in fake pink pearls to let you know that your mental status might be a little bit off.

On Friday, M1 and I went down to Oklahoma City to visit Granny. He stayed up late, commandeered the air mattress (I got the couch, which was fine by me because it was quite comfortable), and woke up early. After breakfast, we headed to the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History. A most excellent place. I highly recommend it. Highly. Photos? Why, yes, I do have a few, thanks for asking. But they're on my phone and I'm not up to the mental challenge of downloading, editing, and posting them right now. I'm a little bit brain-fried.

Oooo fried.

Fried pickles.

Fried pickles with wasabi Ranch...

Caz's Chowhouse...


I'm a little bit ADHD this weekend. Just a tad. I haven't been able to sit still for more than five minutes since M1 and I got home.

I've been busy making this giant pile of mess otherwise known as Stuff That Needs to Go to Goodwill. Except for the Doodleboard and the markers. Because if I got rid of M2's art supplies, she'd probably tear me limb from limb.

Except that she hasn't thrown a fit since Thursday. I'm in shock. Me likey the meds. I think she does, too.
Here's the trash pile that went along with the Goodwill pile.

I cleaned out EVERYTHING. I started in the utility room with one cabinet. Just one. And then the urge to purge morphed into a very large, ugly thing that kept me busy for hours and hours, which was a good thing because I was feeling a very unexpected and involuntary urge to cry every time I sat down, but my goodness... the productivity!!!
This is that first cabinet. I started with the middle shelf because it had stuff falling out. I found fourteen... FOURTEEN... packages of catnip. They all came with the corrugated scratching boards that we buy, and I have a mild case of Hoarders. It's genetic. I'm fighting my very core to throw these things out. It's a big step.

This was the last cabinet that I did today. It had a box of eight glasses in it before as well as almost everything you see here. The glasses are now in the kitchen cabinets (which I also went through) where they belong. I also purged a tablecloth, 10 placemats, and a table runner. The fact that two sets of silverware (one silver that was my grandmother's and one stainless steel and gold that I got for free), six tablecloths, eight napkin rings, eight placemats, 24 napkins, and a whole set of paper goods still fit in this tiny cabinet is testament to my mother's influence. This is the stuff I couldn't part with because I *use* it.

Hoarders, I tell you. I've just learned to hide it well. OCD hides many a hoard.

This is my proudest accomplishment. Every shelf of this had books falling over the edges before I started. Now I have room to spare.

Oz, be warned. Space in a bookshelf MUST be filled. That's not hoarding; that's a neeeed. I'm sure a trip to the bookstore is in my future.

OK, so it was probably in my future, anyway, but I'm all for pretending.

Just like I like to pretend that the house is clean now. Never mind the fur wads on the floor or the toothpaste fingerprints on the bathroom mirror or the overflowing trash cans or the dishes in the sink. The important thing right now is that when I open up any drawer or cabinet in this house, nothing falls out!


Habebi said...

All you need to top of those pictures is a chorus of angels singing 'ahhhhhhhhhhhh' and some rays of light- yes, that would complete things nicely. Well done babe!

ps- Speed Bump really rocks those pearls. Let him know I said so. ;-)

Mom on the Verge said...

Life's a cabaret -- and Speed Bump is dressed for it...

It takes a major family visit to get me to do a good cleaning -- congratulations!